Favorite Halloween costumes and an ‘Aww, Ricky’

We take so much for granted as children. I mean, dressing up? Nothing out of the ordinary. We can be princesses and walk in our mothers’ heels from here to eternity, never worrying that anyone is discussing our eccentric behavior. It’s nothing to don a crown and prance around the living room, or to find a magic wand and place “curses” on others. It’s all fun. Make believe.

But since I’m not eight anymore, I know I can’t get away with such behavior. Halloween is the only time I can safely go out dressed as a witch or devil and not be thought a creeper by the general populace. I might try to milk the whole costume thing and dress up in Christmas- or elf-related garb come December, but that’s a stretch.

Like all kids, I took my Halloween costumes very seriously. There was the year I was a cheerleader, for instance, complete with a sash for my elementary school. On another occasion I was Miss America (oh, if only); and then, of course, there were the endless witch costumes. The Wicked Witch was sort of my go-to, which is funny considering how terrified I am of “The Wizard of Oz.” I guess I was overcompensating.

One of my favorites was my Blue Fairy costume. In 1992, Katie dressed up as Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” and I recycled one of my mom’s old bridesmaids dresses from the ’60s to become a magical helper. What I remember most were the sequin-covered wands my little sister and I had. Though I’m unsure why Belle would need a magic wand, we went with it — and you’ll also spot a fully-clothed Beast doll in Katie’s arms. (He lost his Beast head soon after and was, from then on, merely the unmasked Prince.)

We used to go trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood, checking out the costumes on the local kids, then hop over to my grandparents’ house to visit their friends and neighbors. Since our elementary school was just a block or two from Grandma and Grandpa’s, we usually saw lots of kids we knew — and showing off your costumes was always half the fun.

Though Halloween is different now, of course, I still enjoy the holiday and eat my fair share of treats. I dressed up as a ’20s flapper in 2009 and have a newly-acquired Lucille Ball costume for this year’s festivities! I’m still trying to convince Spencer to be the Ricky to my Lucy, but he’s hesitant thus far. If he goes for it, we’re going to have to work on our “Babalu.” 

Though my singing could make an angel cry. 

Maybe I’ll just stick to the ol’ trademark “Aww, Rick-yyyyyy . . .”

Whining? Never been a problem for me.

9 thoughts on “Favorite Halloween costumes and an ‘Aww, Ricky’

  1. My favorite costume was Casper the Friendly Ghost…those were the days when everybody wore those plastic masks and stuck their tongues out the little holes for fun 😉


  2. Geez, I can’t remember the last time I dressed up! I know early in our marriage, my husband and I were a priest and a nun. Then I was a slutty nun. Then a pregnant nun. I was getting every last dime out of that outfit. Now it is all about the kids, and the adults just drink margaritas.


  3. Ah, I hope Spencer agrees.

    I was a boring old scarecrow this year for a party. And my daughter informed me that she would rather have my husband walk around with her and her friends than me. Apparently he’s way cooler than I am.


  4. My favorite was Little Orphan Annie. I’m not sure how many people got it but that was cool…

    Then there was the Kurt Cobain costume I had in 8th grade. That one definitely went over most people’s heads though I did have a pretty creepy encounter with the Grim Reaper. Oh how I wish I was joking.


    • Very true, Carrie! He was much cuter as the Prince than the Beast. And I guess we “broke the magic spell,” since he was destined to never be the Beast again!


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