Wordless Wednesday: Fall corn maze at Forrest Hall Farms


21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Fall corn maze at Forrest Hall Farms

  1. I love corn mazes! We have one near Orlando that runs for the month of October, but unfortunately it is the most insane month of the year and we haven’t been in a few years. Even if it is 90 degress outside, it feels like fall if I’m lost in the corn.

    • I’m with you, Sandy — even with the heat, corn mazes feel like fall! It was actually about 80 degrees when we were there on Saturday, but I was determined to get there . . . and even to wear a scarf. What you don’t see is the sweat on our faces at other times, haha!

    • We did, Kathy! This one was actually not terribly high, which was good . . . I’m a wee bit claustrophobic, so the idea of being trapped in a never-ending maze is sort of scary. We got through no problem and had plenty of good photo ops along the way!

    • Make sure you go, Juju — they’re lots of fun! And this one had apples from a nearby orchard for sale, too, plus cider and other fall goodies. A great time.

  2. You both look like you had a great time…did you watch the Today show this morning? They aired a 911 call from a lady who was lost in the maze with her three week old baby and husband…it was dark and they were frantic…

  3. Don’t you just love fall? Great picture of the corn maze. We have one near my work and I ran through it a few years ago….definitely spooky. I wouldn’t want to run through it alone! And love the pumpkin photo is fantastic….I’m loving all these pumpkin treats. BTW, I am going to try to make your pumpkin mousse recipe this weekend!!

  4. Did you hear about the couple in the corn maze in MA? They got lost, couldn’t find their way out, and called 911. Can you imagine… sort of comical!

  5. A corn maze looks like fun; though to be honest I have a little fear of mazes so I’ve never been in one (my friend keeps trying to get me to the one in Hampton Court Palace but I refuse). Lovely images 🙂

  6. If it ever stops raining again, we’re going to try the local corn maze — I’m not sure I want to wander in mud among soggy stalks, so I”m going to wait for a sunny spell.

  7. Great photos! Reminds me so much of Nebraska where my hubby and I both grew up! Lots of corn there and the fields and the maze ~ Love it and miss it all! We’ve lived in southeastern Virginia for 25 years now! I have love reading here about all your life experiences so far!! And love that you’re such an accomplished writer for such a youngster 🙂 ~ Congrats!! I would love to be doing what you are doing – even at my “young” age of 59 – Accckkk. . . . .Just had my birthday and can’t believe that is the # that came up! Oh well! 🙂

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