Autumn, contests, awards and more

It’s September! A bright and shiny new month! And the start of fall, my most favorite of all seasons! Though the leaves are still that bright-and-shiny green, I’ve decided to throw caution (and sanity) aside and already whip out my fall wardrobe. According to my sister, today I’m rocking a look that screams “college girl in 1952.”

It’s really just an excuse to wear both my new red cardigan and houndstooth scarf — even in 86-degree weather. In an ideal world, I would look like an extra on “Mad Men” and channel Audrey Hepburn in my daily wardrobe . . . especially if that meant wearing a little extra something from Tiffany daily. But in this world, I’m just a run-of-the-mill writer who hopes she doesn’t look like a crazy vagrant most days. And she can keep her hair from frizzy badly enough to block out the sun, all the better.

I love the fall and seem to write these sorts of posts yearly — updates about life turning a new corner and exciting things that are afoot. On my mind now is the Indie Lit Awards, honors given by literary bloggers to the best of the best in new books out in 2011. I served on the literary fiction panel last year and had the best time — especially since that’s how I discovered Peter Geye’s Safe From The Sea, one of the most powerful novels I’ve read in a long time.

Now in its second season, the Indie Lit Awards are a great way to discover notable books in a variety of genres — and nominations are now open. Think about the books published in 2011 that you’ve devoured whole, then pushed into the hands of every reader in your life. We want the books that blew your mind. That changed everything. Nominate now using a simple form in categories including biography/memoir, GLBTQ, fiction and more. I’m proud to again serve on the fiction panel and look forward to our “reading list” being established from the nominations.

Next up on my list of random Meg thoughts: um, how delicious is Dunkin’ Donuts’ pumpkin spice latte?! It’s out now and sent me tumbling into a delightful sugary rush yesterday afternoon. Starbucks is a bit behind the times this year, not bringing their concoction back until next week, but I’m all right with that. As long as I can get my ridiculous pumpkin fix, I’m happy. (And I promise not to post too much on my pumpkin obsession this year — I think I’ve already got that covered.)

I also wanted to thank everyone for their nominations in this year’s Book Blogger Appreciation Awards, which are happening Sept. 12-16! I’m thrilled to have been long-listed in the Best Written Book Blog and Best Eclectic Book Blog categories and really appreciate the support! I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s festivities — it’s always a great time and a wonderful way to meet new faces in our book blogging community.

In somewhat related news, I recently learned that I did not win the “Jane Austen Made Me Do It” short story contest — and though disappointing, the talent on display in that competition was tremendous. Laurel Ann Nattress, editor of Austenprose, will debut her Austen-inspired anthology Jane Austen Made Me Do It on Oct. 11. Congratulations to Brenna Aubrey, author of “The Love Letter,” for penning the winning short story — and thank you all for your votes and encouragement in February. Writing “Spinning White Hair Gold” was an exciting challenge and I really appreciate having made it to the Top 10! Can’t wait to read the book this fall.

. . . Well, this was an amazing amalgam of material. I’m getting ready to venture north and visit Spencer’s family in New York over Labor Day weekend, and Laurie Notaro’s It Looked Different On The Model will be my eight-hour-car-ride companion! I’m also super pumped for my friend Erin’s wedding on Sept. 10 and am still depriving myself of anything chocolate, carb-heavy — or flavorful. My “diet” has been intense, but that bridesmaid dress is not going to wear itself.

Though it is snug enough to stand on its own.

P.S. Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Kristine Gasbarre’s How To Love An American Man, one of my favorite reads this year. Krissy and her publisher were kind enough to increase the giveaway to two copies, and I’ve extended the deadline to Tuesday, Sept. 6. Just share your family memories here to be entered.

22 thoughts on “Autumn, contests, awards and more

  1. Pumpkin season! Leave it Meg to keep me informed.

    Thanks again for your wonderful contribution to the JAMMDI story contest. I loved it. You are an excellent writer Meg and I will hold you to that full novel in the near future.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann


    • Thanks, Laurel Ann! I appreciate the kind words. And rest assured: I’ll never let pumpkin spice latte season pass by without a public declaration. Make sure you treat yourself to one soon — you deserve it!


  2. Cute pic! Very preppy and quite stylish. I’ll be remaining in my summer garb as long as possible. I’m a summer gal… loving my gardens, flowers and baby birds… holding on kicking and screaming as the days grow shorter and cooler. Then I give in to pumpkin lattes and Sam Adams Octoberfest beer! Autumn is my favorite time of the year for photography with it’s rich colors and soft light. So it’s not all bad.


    • Ooh, yes — the Sam Adams fall beer! Who can argue its awesomeness? And I can definitely understand the summer baby feelings — though I love digging out my suede boots and grabbing my little jackets, I always feel sad putting my flip-flops away for another season. Though I usually wear them until at least October . . .


    • I’m all about the retro look, Juju! And thanks. My sister can be quite the snappy dresser herself, so I appreciated the compliment! Best wishes to you in the eclectic category, as well. It’s cheesy but true: we’re all winners!


  3. Love the photo…you look awesome…and I am so into seasonal dressing…I want to ditch the sundresses and sandals for big oversized sweaters, tights and slouchy boots…and a pumpkin latte or two will make the season bright, too…lol…


    • Thank you, Patty! And I’m all about the slouchy boots, too. I was on a desperate search for brown ones like my favorite black pair last year and had no luck. The search continues . . .


  4. Ok, so I love your outfit! I am obsessed with Mad Men and you definitely look like you could be an extra on that show. I am also obsessed with all things pumpkin, too. I can’t wait for the first pumpkin latte of the season. I’ve already pre-ordered my Keurig pumpkin flavored coffee cups. I’m such a nerd. Anyway, congrats on your nomination for BBAW! So exciting and you definitely deserve it.


  5. Love the outfit and oh good Lord I adore all things pumpkin. I have to say that I’m a bit bumed about the delay in Dunks vs. Starbucks since the former doesn’t do soy and I’ve got to. Sigh. Lifes biggest problems, I know…


  6. You are all about the houndstooth, aren’t you? I love it. Very stylish! And congrats on your nominations. Fall is my favorite time of the year as well, but unfortunately our fall weather doesn’t come until about November…


  7. Congrats on being nominated for BBAW. That’s always a fun week.

    I like Fall, but we had such a short summer this year that it seems to have come far too quickly, quicker than usual. Although I am looking forward to the slower pace of Fall, and pumpkin spice lattes of course.

    Have a fantastic weekend in New York!


  8. love your look–so mad men-esque! (i just started watching it on netflix–i’m late to the party as usual.) so sorry you didn’t win the austen contest but did love your entry. congrats on the bbaw noms–no surprise there with your writing and consistency! happy weekend–next week PUMPKIN SPICE (at SBs) is ON! 🙂


  9. You know, I’ve never had pumpkin flavored anything. Not sure if it would be my thing or not. Dunkin Donuts is awesome, though. No doubt about that.

    Love your outfit too. I wish I could bring out my fall wardrobe. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait a couple more months.


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