BBAW: Celebrating the vast awesomeness of our community

Though I give this same spiel every year, I can’t believe it’s almost September — and time again to celebrate Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

Now in my third year of blogging, I see with clear eyes how much work and dedication it takes to make a site succeed. It’s not just about reading books and reviewing them, as we all know; it’s about personality. Panache. Passion. (And some other “P” words I can’t think of right now.)

BBAW is our yearly celebration of all things book blogging — and the voices behind those websites: yours and mine. Speaking at the Book Blogger Convention this year reaffirmed my commitment to and love of all things book blogging, and I hope you’ll take some time to honor your favorites by participating this year.

The awards process has changed for 2011 — basically, you create an account with the site, register with your own profile and then nominate your much-loved blogs in many different categories. Also note that self-nomination is not allowed this year, which is a change-up from previous BBAW celebrations.

But BBAW isn’t only about awards. In the past, our blogging community has come together to interview one another, celebrate books we’ve loved in the past and so much more. Last fall, I shared how blogging has made my life pretty awesome — and I still mean every word. The idea is really just to celebrate one another, raise our collective (metaphorical) champagne glasses and toast one another’s hard work.

Because we’re important. Our voices matter. The publishing industry takes us seriously. Some of our favorite authors know who we are. And you know what? We’re pretty great. Talented, erudite, honest and great.

I mean, I love us. So let’s all spread that through BBAW participation.

Award nominations are happening now through August 13 at the site, so don’t forget to march your little self on over there and get to it!

3 thoughts on “BBAW: Celebrating the vast awesomeness of our community

  1. BBAW is really alot of fun. And I’m so glad we aren’t self-nominating this year. That just went against my sense of humility! I tried doing the nominations the other day but it didn’t work. Will try again today!


  2. Thanks for highlighting this — now that I’ve been blogging a bit, I’m thrilled at being able to share my love for the blogs that tickle me and delight me. I really so love the book blogging community — everyone is so collegial and supportive.


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