Birthday giveaway from Knock Knock: A Personal Library Kit and bookmark pad

Today is my birthday, and I am now 26 years old. I’m not going to pretend like my breath didn’t catch a little writing that, even though most of my friends — many old enough to be my parents — sneer and scoff at my angst over getting “older.” “Oh, to be 26 again!” they cry.

But I’m the one crying.

Okay, okay — I’m not. I’m thankful to be here and writing and growing and changing, even if that means changing the digit at the end of my age. I’ve always harbored these delusions that I’d be a young, accomplished and genius author — and as I’m tipping toward 30 now, I guess I’d better get on that.

Before I scurry away to write the next Great American Novel, friends, I have an exciting gift for you: an opportunity to win two adorable products from Knock Knock! I recently discovered the site, which boasts hip and unconventional stationery products and fun gift ideas. Not to sound all saleswoman on y’all, but this stuff is cute. I have the Paper Tweet pad and have been using it to play pranks on my coworkers, so . . . you know. I’ll share the details of that with you soon.

In honor of my 26th birthday, Knock Knock has been kind enough to supply a Personal Library Kit (pictured at top) and Bookmark Pad (right) for one lucky entrant in the U.S.! Knock Knock has all sorts of adorable book-related products with a fun and funky flair, and I love their tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

The bookmarks are crazy fun, and the library kit is a great way to make sure those novels you lend actually make it back into your hot little hands . . . so do you want them? To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment on this post with a way to reach you. For extra entries, you can:

1. Visit Knock Knock and tell me what your favorite product is.
2. Tweet, Facebook or blog about this contest and let me know where you shared it.

No need to enter them as separate comments, unless that’s easier for you. Maximum number of entries per U.S. entrant: three.

Giveaway will run between Monday, July 18 and 12 p.m. EST on Friday, July 22, and one winner will be randomly selected by I’ll email him/her promptly for an address, and then you can wait patiently for your prize to arrive!

EDIT ON JULY 22: Congrats to sara, our winner! I’m emailing you now.

49 thoughts on “Birthday giveaway from Knock Knock: A Personal Library Kit and bookmark pad

  1. Happy Birthday! You are still so young! And as you may recall (WHAT? you didn’t memorize this important fact?), it is my baby sister’s birthday today too. (I love having your post remind me to call her – heh)


  2. Happy Birthday! this looks like an awesome thing to win. AND, after checking the store locator, I have local options to find these cool products. (I just tweeted at you…)



  3. Happy birthday!! I totally know what you mean about getting older. I just turned 26 a month ago but still like to pretend I’ve only just turned 22. For some reason, that seems like the perfect age. I hope you have a great day!


  4. Happy birthday — I feel you on the years creepin’ up and the not being a famous novelist thing happening! Great giveaway — I have the personal library kit and love it — but I’ll be tweeting this for others to win!


  5. Happy Birthday Friend!!!!!! I am so glad you shared this site! I love it! And my favorite thing I found on there was the Pro-Con list. I never normally write them down, but pro-con in my head all the time. I think a lot of these notepads would be great to look back and see what you were pro-conning or voodoo’ing 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday! I love Knock Knock products. Hubby and I cannot grocery shop without their ‘All Out Of’ sheets. I saw this personal library kit sometime last year and couldn’t help drooling over it.


  7. Happy Birthday!!!!

    I have a sick sense of humor, but the “How to Effectively Traumatize Your Children” or the Self Therapy pad (medication please!) are my favorites!! I just tweeted you 🙂


  8. Oh my gosh the stuff on that site is sooo funny! I just kept laughing. I love the – Fashion Citation Nifty Note. Thought some of the Nasty notes were hilarious, like things you do that really piss me off! LOL I could probably never really leave that note for anyone, but really funny!

    Happy Birthday!
    Please enter me in this great really creative giveaway!
    forevereading at gmail dot com


  9. Happy Birthday! I turned 26 on the 7th, so I can def relate to the whole digit-changing…When did we get so old? 😉

    Great giveaway – I’m not totally loving all their stuff! I really, really like the “Someday Mini Sticky Set” – totally the way my brain files things, lol

    Also, I tweeted to share the love (@tagged you in it) 🙂


  10. Just wanted to stop by to say happy birthday friend! I hope you had an amazing day. I haven’t been caught up on my Google Reader lately and reading through your past ten or so posts reminded me of how awesome you are and how we need to catch up! 🙂


  11. Happy Birthday! I remember age 26 fondly–I’m going to be turning 29 in a couple of months, so I guess I’d really get a move on my various goals. 😉 Cute giveaway!


  12. Happy birthday! Getting older isn’t so bad (I’ve got a couple years on you), but I haven’t yet hit 30. That one might be more traumatic, we’ll see! 🙂

    I think my favorite Knock, Knock product is the corporate flashcards. Brilliant! Corporate speak is just so ridiculous. 😛 I’m excited about the bookish products you’re giving away though!

    And… I also shared the giveaway on Facebook.


  13. I love this idea! My brother has his masters in library arts and would love this! I want to win! Favorite product is the personal library kit. I also posted and shared this on my wall!


  14. Happy Bday! I loved my 26th year, I hope it’s your best year too. Cant wait to visit the website and hoping I win the kit.


  15. Well, I wanted to be more creative than to say I love the bookmarks but holy crap I love the bookmarks! I think my favorite is the Guilty Pleasure one. Oh, and I love the Great Ideas Pocket Notes. I super love your birthday giveaway! Happy Birthday!!

    I posted about this awesomeness on my blog.



  16. Best wishes for a peaceful, beautiful year! I have always loved ‘knock knock’ stuff…usually see neat items at Urban Outfitter stores… SOO many things… I think one of my favorites (I just might get them for our three girls going off to college this fall) is the ‘Roommate Citation’! It is SO apropos for dorm living!


  17. I’d love to win that personal library kit – god knows I have enough books! As for Knock Knock, I also have a lifelong love of sticky / post-it notes and they have one that’s a list of “things you do that really piss me off.” I could have a lot of fun with that.

    It’s a bit late, but Happy Birthday again. (I’m approaching the dreaded 3-0 in a few months, so I get the whole “getting older” thing.)


  18. Happy belated birthday! I turned 26 last month so I can totally relate with the whole “wow, I feel old” thing when 26 really isn’t that old in the long run but it just *feels* like it is.

    Personally I love the bookmark pads and the “Why I must get drunk with you” pad, they just amuse me to no end. I’m sharing this on my blog so that my friends can see all the awesome things on the site.



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