Did-not-finish book thoughts: ‘The Ninth Wife,’ ‘Comfort Food’ and ‘This Must Be The Place’

The Ninth Wife by Amy Stolls
Where I stopped: Page 36

Something about this book rubbed me wrong from the beginning — and as sad as this is to admit, I can’t really tell you what it was. It wasn’t any one thing, I guess, but a culmination of things — and I just had a feeling that, as a heroine, Bess and I weren’t going to get along. Plus, it’s a big book and I guess I was just feeling lazy. As time marches on and my bookcases fill up, I’m getting more discriminatory about the books with which I spend time. And, I’m sad to say, this one felt like a slog.

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Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs
Where I stopped: Page 53

I love foodie fiction. Books with cupcakes, breakfast or dinners on the cover usually go on my “to be read” stack immediately, and I’ve had Comfort Food hanging out in my bookcase for quite a while. Though I wanted to give Jacobs my Stern Angry Face over the ending of The Friday Night Knitting Club, a novel that was quite the hit a few years back, I overlooked my anger and snagged a copy of this one from BookMooch.

And I don’t know. Again — I just don’t know. If a book is giving me a cold, “meh” feeling after 50 pages, I’ve decided I really need to throw in the towel. As a main character, Gus came off as condescending and slightly holier-than-thou, despite her working-class background and hardships. I wanted to like her and her daughters, but something about them all just screamed “elitist” and annoying to me. I set this one down and haven’t looked back.

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This Must Be The Place by Kate Racculia
Where I stopped: Page 41

After just about 40 pages, I decided this one was just too sad to continue. It’s not the fault of Racculia’s writing, which I found fresh and witty. And it’s not the fault of her characters, which seemed unique and quirky enough to be interesting.

It’s just the “fault” of the plot, I guess — the fault that my heart was already breaking for Arthur and I’m fragile most days and I just didn’t think I could handle this one. Plus, I guessed Amy’s secret from the onset — then read ahead to see if I was right. And I was. And once I had that knowledge, I had to set this one aside.

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11 thoughts on “Did-not-finish book thoughts: ‘The Ninth Wife,’ ‘Comfort Food’ and ‘This Must Be The Place’

  1. Such a pity you didn’t like the books. I haven’t read any of these, but I was hoping to read The Ninth Wife and also, I enjoyed the Knitting Club book. But well, we all have different tastes and if you don’t like a book, why continue? I usually read a bit more than that (50-80 pages) but in the end, if it’s not for you, it’s not for you! 🙂


  2. I give you lots of credit for posting about these three books you just could not read. There are actually many of these out there for me.


  3. I love the way you offered your opinions on these books and then linked to review posts from others. The whole theme of The Ninth Wife would make this a book I would never pick up…why in the world would any woman even consider such a thing.

    At first I though This Must Be the Place could be a read I might enjoy even though you weren’t able to finish it but after reading the other reviews with different perspectives and different specifics, I decided definitely not.

    I have Comfort Food on my TBR so it will be interesting to see what I think about it after reading these reviews.



    • I feel your pain, Lexi! And while I’m bummed you’re not liking it, either, I have to admit that I’m secretly relieved to know I’m not the only one who didn’t dig it. It was just . . . I don’t know. Depressing. Frustrating. Annoying.


  4. I agree: life is too short for books that just aren’t working for you (for whatever reason.) I’ve been on a string of excellent reads lately, and it makes me realize how much I want to read when it’s a good book and how not to let a bad book (for me) ruin this streak.


  5. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy these ones, Meg, especially The Ninth Wife since it is on my wishlist. Maybe I’ll enjoy it more? In any case, you are right, there are far too many (great) books still left to read to lose times on the one we don’t really enjoy!


  6. I’ve had to admit more than once that I just couldn’t get into a book, and life is just too short. I’m feel worse if I bought a book, but if it was a gift, a win etc I don’t feel quite as bad.
    On to better reads!!!


  7. I hear ya on the more discriminating thing. I find it difficult to stick with a book if I don’t really dig it at pg 50. With review books hovering and trying to read more quality fiction with less time on my hands, more DNFs are bound to happen.

    Still want to give The Ninth Wife a go; shallow reason — because I like the cover.


  8. Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy these books especially Ninth Wife. I’ve read it and ended up enjoying it much more than I expected although I admit I ended up liking Rory more than Bess. It was quite a long book though and I can completely understand why you felt compelled not to finish it. I always feel a little guilty when I have a DNF, but there’s just too many great books out there and not enough time to read them all.


  9. LOVE this column of yours. I’ve never blogged that I stopped a book before, never really thought of it actually. I love how you presented it here in this post. I’m very disappointed to hear about Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs. I’m a foodie reader as well. I will take it off my TO BUY list and just reserve it at the library to read. I still want to try it out but really appreciate your opinion.

    I’m new to your page today and have already left several comments! lol I’m following you on twitter so I can keep up with what info you add to your blog.

    Have a great day! Susie


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