Preparing to be challenged at the Book Blogger Convention

I’m packing up my suitcase, finalizing my outline and getting ready for a rockin’ weekend in New York — it’s time again for the Book Blogger Convention! I had such an awesome time last year, meeting friends I’d previously known only by avatar and eating as much as I could in three days.

Though Spencer and I will be arriving in the city this Thursday — too late to attend Book Expo America, sadly — I’m really looking forward to Friday and my panel at the BBC: Practical Challenges of Blogging, which is happening from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (lunch!). I should emphasize that we won’t be just talking about challenges, of course; I hope that, after a few hours, we’ve offered some solutions, too. 

My only hope is that I won’t embarrass myself in front of all of you, my lovely contemporaries, as well as my esteemed co-panelists Lenore, Jenn, Raych and Kristen. Sometimes when I get nervous, my voice gets high-pitched and I start talking really, really fast.

I guess this is when that college communicatons class comes in handy. Those days crafting persuasive speeches weren’t for nothing!

My plan is to wear red, my power color, since I wore the Power Dress last year — and I’m not sure if the dress’s power maintains its strength from year to year. Plus, you know — I can’t be seen in the same dress at the same event two years in a row. I’m no fashionista, but I certainly know that much.

Will I see you in New York?

18 thoughts on “Preparing to be challenged at the Book Blogger Convention

    • Sorry you won’t be joining us, Kathy — you will be missed! And I don’t think Spence has any clue, though he’s a good sport about being written about often. 🙂


  1. Good luck at Book Blogger Con! I’m sure you’ll be great. I’ll be at BEA all week and my fiance, Tyler, will be moderating the Technology of Blogging panel at Book Blogger Con so you should say ‘hi’! I hope you hit up some good markets while you’re in town too 😉


    • Thanks Melissa! I’m looking forward to that panel and the many great things happening this week. I hope we’ll have time to check out a market or two — thanks again for your awesome suggestions!


  2. I am sure you will be poised and professional and prepared…and it will be wonderful…I am so close to NYC that I thought I would take the train in but I am sort of mildly freaked out about it…I do not feel ready…maybe next year…


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