Wordless Wednesday: London in the springtime

Just a tiny taste of the many British posts to come!
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21 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: London in the springtime

    • Was by ‘your’ Ferris Wheel last Sunday. Your pic – with the bloom – is electric. Currently its my Facebook Profile pic (Thanks. But I’ll – sadly –
      take it down if you want).


    • It definitely was electric! We visited London from April 14-16, then returned on Sunday — and by Easter, the crowds were definitely pouring in! Souvenirs are everywhere, too — official; unofficial. We attended Mass at Westminster Abbey on Sunday morning and couldn’t process that, in just a few days, Kate would be walking down the aisle in that exact spot! Eek!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Meg! I am so looking forward to all of you British posts. I have such a love for England and all things British. I would go there for every vacation if my husband would go for it.


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