A pint for you — off to England

Friends, neighbors, countrymen — I’m headed back to England. And added to my vacation experience will be tours of Wales, Scotland and Ireland. I’ll be everywhere and keeping busy, and hope to take approximately 4,000 photos and make countless memories.

I’m taking my “holiday” as a chance to unwind and unplug — and, you know, an international phone plan would be way too rich for my blood. So I’m going off the grid. It’s super exciting, but I will miss you all — and won’t expect to be back at my keyboard until Wednesday, April 27. Look forward to a ridiculously long post(s) and countless Wordless Wednesday shots upon my return!

As per previous arrangements, I’ll have a few book reviews posting in my absence. Otherwise, look for your girl Meg in a few weeks. I’ll make my triumphant return just in time for the Book Blogger Convention!

I’ll have a warm pint for you, friends. Cheers!

26 thoughts on “A pint for you — off to England

  1. That is awesome! I love it over there. You are going to have a great time, and come back with some amazing pictures. I’ll be going off the grid as well for a few weeks in June. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. Have a great time! I’ll be back in Edinburgh next month (I lived there for a while), and I can’t wait! It’s full of some great pubs for a pint, but I especially like Sandy Bells. Friends used to work there and its got great beer and live music every night. For food, if you like spicy Indian food, don’t miss Kebab Mahal. Total dive inside but I still dream about the food. Yum. And please, please get a bacon roll from Deli Italia on Clerk Street. Bacon rolls are the most Scottish of takeaway breakfasts, and Deli Italia’s are the best in the city. Also climb up Arthur’s seat if you have even a hint of nice weather. Okay, I’ll shut up now. But I’m getting excited to go back!


  3. I hope you have an incredible time. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful pictures…..you are definitely going to have a ton. I also hope you get to see Trinity College and The Long Room while visiting Dublin—best library ever! Enjoy!


  4. how nice! i can’t wait for your return and plan to pick your brain on the ireland aspect of your trip. ant and i have made plans to tour ireland by car (a castle tour!) for our 10 year anniversary in september!! 🙂 so excited. hope you have a safe and fabulous trip! xoxo


  5. Lucky you, Meg! You are going to be in some of my favorite areas of the world. Enjoy! Take lots of photos and live it up! This is one time when I hope you don’t find yourself reading very much at all :o)
    ~ Amy


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