Wordless Wednesday: Cherry blossom fever


32 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Cherry blossom fever

  1. These are a beautiful series of pics! Definitely Spring is in the air! Thank you for stopping by, and yes the wreath is from a historic house and was made sometime in the late 19th c. I find it kinda creepy. Happy WW

  2. LOVE. I was in D.C. during cherry blossom time about 6 years ago, but didn’t have a good camera at the time. I would love to go back now that I have a bit more skill. You have captured the beauty so well!

  3. Stunning shots.

    There are two things that I still remember from my trip to DC in 8th grade, the cherry blossoms and shoo-fly pie:)

  4. Oh I’m so jealous. I grew up in Delaware and have family in the DC area in MD. I miss those cherry blossoms! I miss the east coast, but love my TX home.

  5. geez, the blossoms almost look like SNOW! we had enough of that this winter, though. gorgeous photos, meg. i ventured down to dc once for the blossoms–i was a surly pre-teen and didn’t really appreciate them.

  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words! We went downtown last Friday, April 1, and it was about 40 degrees and rainy — but we managed to get some shots before freezing to death along the Tidal Basin. The bad weather kept many tourists from venturing out, so that helped me get non-people shots. 🙂 If you’re ever in D.C. around this time of year, don’t miss the blossoms!

  7. Lovely shots. I love the cherry blossoms and I was so happy that I got a chance to see them when I was down in DC the weekend of April 1st, the last time I saw them I was a kid. The weather may have sucked but it was still worth it.

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