This has been a long few days.

I’ve been stricken with a violent flu/cold cocktail that has left me feverish, exhausted and constantly nauseous. I can’t eat. I could barely sleep. Nothing appealed to me — not food; not television; not books.

No. Not even books.

It’s a sad state of affairs when I find myself with three full, empty days to do whatever I want . . . and can’t even sit up long enough to enjoy them. Most of Saturday was spent tossing and turning in my dark room, a cold cloth over my eyes. Sunday wasn’t much better. Monday finally brought me to the doctor, and now I’m downing medicine and keeping track of the pills like it’s my full-time job.

I’m being dramatic. It’s not that bad, I know. I’m back at work today and trying to get caught up on what I’ve missed over the last few days (and, you know. It’s really not good). After being so out of touch and delusional, I feel completely disoriented.

So this might be a light week on the blog. I’m still making my way through Megan McCafferty’s Bumped and Abby McDonald’s The Liberation of Alice Love, both of which I’m enjoying . . . but haven’t been able to muster the enthusiasm to read for more than a few minutes at a time. I’ve read nothing else. I’ve done nothing else.

Well, correction: I finally watched “The Social Network” (brilliant!); sent my boyfriend minute-by-minute pathetic updates about my wellness and how much I miss him; begged my sister for a drink; shunned almost all food in all its forms but then asked my father for yogurt; emailed my mother with a blow-by-blow of my doctor’s appointment.

I’m such an annoying patient.

But they love me anyway.

See you all soon! (And while you’re out, please bring me more ginger ale.)

20 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Oh…too bad…pouring more ginger ale over ice for you now…I hope you feel much better soon…it is an awful awful sickness when you can’t read.


  2. Dramatic or not, being sick is never fun. I hope you get well soon–it’s a terrible thing when you don’t even have the energy to read a Megan McCafferty book!


  3. I used to know I was really sick if I didn’t feel like eating. That is still true, but I also know I am really sick if I don’t even feel like reading. Hope you’re back to normal soon.


  4. Oh, poor Meg. I’m glad you’re starting to feel better and hope you’re all better soon. Nothing like wasting free days with being sick. I absolutely hate when I’m too sick for reading and tv. (really-not even reality tv? you poor thing).


  5. Thank you all for your get-well wishes! I’m smiling at you through my sea of tissues and watery, bloodshot eyes. And don’t mind my excessive coughing . . . I’m pretty sure I’m not contagious. Good thing you can’t transmit this kind of virus online!

    (Being sick has also made me really cheesy. And delusional. And cheesy.)


  6. Sounds an awful lot like what I had at the start of the month. My chest is STILL not completely recovered! Hope you make a full and speedy recovery!


  7. Oh Meg, you have my complete sympathy. I also have been stricken by a stomachy thing this week and cannot eat or read. It’s been exhausting and not fun. I’ll think of you in solidarity as I lay here in bed.


  8. Ugh! The flu tracked me down and knocked me out at the beginning of February and it was NOT fun! At one point, my fever was so high that I hallucinated that I was in Los Angeles on the beach. Awesome. I hope that you make a speedy and full recovery…and I’m dying to hear what you think about Bumped.


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