Etsy Find Fridays: Lookin’ pretty in Tiffany Blue

There’s something about that iconic blue box from Tiffany that gets a lady’s heart all aflutter. Do I think it’s completely ludicrous to pay hundreds of dollars for a tiny silver necklace with a bow? Yes. Yes, I do. But will I gladly pay it simply for the exquisite experience of owning something from Tiffany? Right again.

Well, okay — I actually bought the aforementioned necklace for my sister as a college graduation gift. What I bought for me was this ring from the store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, and yes I just totally name-dropped Rodeo Drive. I feel like being fancy today. I wear that ring on my middle finger every single day and, gradually, it’s become my “signature piece.” I have no idea if my friends still wear theirs daily, but it’s an item of jewelry that’s just an integral part of my everyday life.

Not one to splurge on unnecessary purchases unless, you know, I have to have them, I haven’t found a Tiffany blue box in my hot little hands for some time now. That’s not to say I can’t still see that pretty blue everywhere, though . . . and I do, actually. Especially on Etsy, where creative artisans weave the hue into everything from purses to flowers to wedding invitations.

If you’re feelin’ classy and want a little Tiffany in your life — without the enormous price tag — see a few of my favorite items this week. (Hover over each photo for a caption, then click to view the seller’s item on Etsy.)


15 thoughts on “Etsy Find Fridays: Lookin’ pretty in Tiffany Blue

  1. True confession: before I clicked through to Etsy, I thought those cupcake earrings were actual mini cupcakes and I thought, “mmmm, cupcakes.”

    (It’s Friday and all I can say is that my brain is fried so I obviously never considered that Etsy doesn’t actually sell mini cupcakes.)

  2. love this post!! for many years (my mid-20s to 30), i was a huge fan of everything tiffany and have bracelets, rings, necklaces, pens, stationery, and even a passport cover and luggage tag. while i still love my stuff and wear it once in a while, these days i’m more into handmade stuff. but i still like to pop into tiffany’s in nyc every once in a while. 🙂

  3. Love that color so much! I got my first Tiffany box when I turned 13 and I still wear the classic silver Tiffany heart bracelet every day. I haven’t bought anything from there in awhile, but now I’m itching to go to their website.

  4. That purse is REALLY cute! My husband bought me a Tiffany heart bracelet and charm necklace and a little band with the Tiffany address on it. I love the blue boxes and that’s what I think of every time I see that color.

  5. It is such a beautiful shade of blue. It’s odd because I think it only appears that way to Americans, it is rare to find Tiffany stores outside of the U.S. (although they definitely do exist!). I wonder what other cultures think of that shade?

  6. I went through a very long Tiffany’s phase, and actually the other day I was cleaning out my jewelry box and found some items I forgot about, it was like receiving them all over again! I feel the call of now .. eeek! I must scoop up that pretty blue potholder instead 🙂

  7. sigh. one of my favorite colors!
    there’s something about that little
    blue box that gets me (and a million
    other girls) on giddy. ^_^

    ooo i like that you bought yourself something
    from the rodeo store! i’d like to save up and
    do the same thing.

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