Why has no one ever told me about Hobby Lobby?

I have a bone to pick with you guys.

Why has no one ever told me about Hobby Lobby?

Seriously. It’s like HomeGoods, Michael’s, A.C. Moore and Pier 1 got together for a big party, things got a little randy, folks made a few poor decisions and, well . . . nine months later, Hobby Lobby was born.

Last Saturday, I was innocently wandering around Fredericksburg, Va., with my mom, sister and Spencer, the world’s kindest and most patient boyfriend. After a day of checking out antique shows and shopping (again, I present to you: SPENCER! The World’s Most Patient Boyfriend!), we were on our way out of Ol’ Virginny when we spotted a gigantic sign glowing in the encroaching night: Hobby Lobby.

And who were we to resist? We had energy for one more stop, right? Just a dash in and dash out sort of thing? See what there is to see?


So many things start out that way, don’t they?

I feel bad because, from the start, I’d approached our Hobby Lobby visit as “for Spencer.” At an auction Friday night, Spence bought a pretty cool shop clock made of a saw blade (pictured above, with auction sign). Neat, but the hands were bent and it wasn’t working well. For less than $3, though, it was a steal — just needed a little TLC. And my guy is nothing if not handy and industrious. (And cute. And amazingly thoughtful. But, eh, I digress.)

After failing to find the right clock parts at another craft store, I thought that with a name like “hobby,” something good would come of this excursion. I was right, of course, but not for poor Spence. (Though he did find clock parts, yes.)

For me. And Mom. And Kate.

Walking in was like being transported to Craft Heaven. The place is gigantic, for one, and filled to the brim with all sorts of awesome seasonal merchandise. There were three full aisles of Valentine’s Day items, coupled with several more St. Patrick’s Day and Easter varieties. It was like a party store . . . in a craft store. Inside of a home decor store. Total insanity.

I was a good girl and left with only a few items, including a three-pack of paper bookmarks (for 99 cents!) and a skein of adorable green yarn laced with silver (called “Jelly Bean”). I’m working on an Irish-inspired scarf now for my Etsy shop and was just salivating over the yarn selection! I mean, a girl can only look at so much Red Heart before she goes colorless and devoid of inspiration. Just seeing a whole aisle of a fresh brand — “I Love This Yarn” — was so exciting. I probably should have bought more, but I’m trying not to become a yarn hoarder. I wish there was a 12 Step program for that.

Apparently Hobby Lobby is all over the place, friends, though nowhere within an hour’s distance of yours truly. Devastating.

But I think that means another road trip is in order.

EDIT: The scarf is done! So pretty and soft.

17 thoughts on “Why has no one ever told me about Hobby Lobby?

  1. I live near the Hobby Lobby you visited. Every time we drive past it I tell my husband we need to check it out, but now I’ll definitely be heading over there soon!


    • We were all up in Central Park there, Lu. So much glorious shopping! It’s almost overwhelming. Plus, there’s a Cracker Barrel in Fredericksburg . . . instantly awesome.


  2. Hi there. I am one of the buyers for Hobby Lobby stores and yes, Spencer could have found clock parts in the Craft Dept. aisles. I carry hands in all sizes, styles and colors, as well as the movements. You can also go online and shop. Everything that is online is the same as what is in our stores. I am currently in the process of adding a torque movement for bigger clocks that will be in kit form with 10″ hands. I will also be adding a small Seiko bezel insert and a 2 3/4″ clock face insert for clocks.
    I’m glad you were able to see our stores. We are now in 40 states and we have about 457 stores open at this time. We are always glad to see new faces and we’re glad your first visit with us was pleasant.
    Have a great day and if you have comments or questions, feel free to contact me at maxine.wade@hobbylobby.com. Our website is of course http://www.hobbylobby.com


    • Thanks Maxine! I appreciate the information. Spencer did find clock parts there — I’m sorry I wasn’t clear about that! He actually fixed his clock and it’s now running very well.


  3. I have never heard of Hobby Lobby but I do love Home Goods. I almost feel like a trip to your neck of the woods is in order so I can check this place out!


  4. OMG! I didn’t know about Hobby Lobby until a couple of years ago when I started wedding decoration shopping. And now we have one about an hour from home, where the closest mall is. I absolutely love it, but have to monitor my shopping there. I only let myself go every once in a while because it’s ridiculous the stuff I find and want to come home with.


  5. I am here to say that buying yarn is addictive…just like clothes and books…I am knitting squares…32 stitches long and 26 rows…and I am going to stitch them into a quilt, blanket, coverlet…whatever…the yarn has come from lots of our trips…and from different animals…alpacas…is that an animal? Llamas I think…and sheep…I love it.


  6. Yes, well, you see this is where a rather huge chunk of money is spent dicking around with ridiculous school projects (which the teacher’s know have to be done by the stinking parents, thank you). For that, I guess, I thank Hobby Lobby for their neverending help…


  7. Oh yes, Hobby Lobby, my old friend. When I lived in California I was crushed to learn there were no Hobby Lobby’s. Now I live 5 minutes away from one store and I am quite content. 😀


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