Etsy Find Fridays: All houndstooth, all the time

Running out on a lunch break last fall, I spotted a woman dashing across an intersection in a black-and-white coat. Past her waist, fitted and lush, it looked like the epitome of stylish to me. And with her red boots and slash of red lipstick, I was green with envy.

The coat haunted me. Black, white and red have, over time, become my signature colors, and each morning I would slip into my old jacket and think about how my life would change if I had that adorable coat around my shoulders. Job promotion? Sure thing. Adulation of the masses? Definitely. Appreciation of the fashion mavens when I’m having lunch at Panera? Absolutely.

Caught up in my daydreams, it was hard to remember that objects don’t change our lives — we do. And mostly by aligning our thinking and recognizing that no one thing — or person, or experience — will make us happy.

That being said, I really love my houndstooth coat.

That’s what I realized the fabulous print was called, by the way: houndstooth. Several Google searches and endless trolling of online stores later, I found several coats in the classic black-and-white print and began to drop subtle hints about what I would like for Christmas. To my joy, my parents handed me a box to be opened on Christmas Eve with — yes! — a houndstooth jacket. It’s so classy.

And if I thought I was obsessed with the print before, my love has taken on an entirely new definition.

Because houndstooth isn’t just for jackets, friends — oh, no. Houndstooth is everywhere and in a variety of hues, including pink. Pink! In all my endless daydreaming, I took to Etsy to get my houndstooth fill. I’m madly crushing on that pink houndstooth memo board, by the way — and know just the place I’d put it.

14 thoughts on “Etsy Find Fridays: All houndstooth, all the time

  1. Oh my gosh. It’s like you were posting this for me. I love LOVE houndstooth so much… and once, in high school, I let the most perfect houndstooth coat get away from me. It haunts me to this day.

    Anyways… that houndstooth camera bag? Must be MINE. Obsession.


    • I saw a super cute red and black houndstooth cute before Christmas, Sarah, and it was only $30! I’m really thinking I should have gotten it . . . though I love the classic one my parents got me!


  2. Amazing how these styles go in and out. There is something sacreligious about the pink houndstooth though! I am totally digging that camera bag…


  3. Sigh. I always seem to see coats on other people that I’d really like to have, but when I go coat shopping I can’t find any, or they all seem to hang baggily on me. Which is how I ended up with a serviceable grey coat instead of something colourful, but at least I can wear bright scarves and hats with it!


  4. That houndstooth flower is to die for. My little *trademark* thing is that I always have a flower somewhere – that one would be good for events requiring me to be a little more grown up.


  5. Fabulous choices. I like the message board and the camera bag.

    On a side note, I see that you’re reading ‘Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand’. I’m first on the waiting list for that one at my library. I’m excited to read it. Will look for your review of the book.

    Have a great weekend.


    • I’m more than halfway through Major Pettigrew, Sheery, and it’s a very good read! The Major is certainly a character. It’s a little slower than I expected, I’ll admit, but I’m really enjoying it! You have a great weekend, too.


  6. There is just something about a checkered anything. I even put black and white tiles in our bathroom and kitchen floor…it is a classic sort of look and I love it…and other colors go with it…especially bright pink and red…I love all of your finds…I love etsy…I am off to explore ( shop?).


  7. I have a houndstooth lunchbox. My obsession with the pattern started with a jacket I got from Wal-Mart (Wal-Mart!!) and has infiltrated lunchtime.


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