Get a holiday card from Meg!

As we’ve discussed before, I’m big on mail. I’ll give total credit for this to my grandmother, with whom I still write letters and pour through old handwritten notes. She recently shared with me letters my great-grandfather wrote to my great-grandmother when he was serving abroad in World War II, and do you think I was completely absorbed in those? I was. I love the written word: the personal nature of holding in my hands something another has touched; the vibrancy of ink on paper; even the mystery of deciphering someone else’s handwriting.

And even more than that? Well, I love sending mail, too. I’m hopelessly addicted to Postcrossing, an international postcard project, and take time almost daily to write notes to others around the world. I love selecting a postcard for a stranger, then describing why I chose it — and photographed a place or event in the first place. It’s exciting, personal and fun. It’s another way to form a connection.

In that vein, I’m proposing a project for myself this holiday season! In addition to sending cards for the Book Bloggers Holiday Card Exchange, I will be mailing holiday cards to anyone who requests one for themselves in the U.S. (one per household, please — and I’m sorry, my international friends! It would be too cost-prohibitive to send many notes overseas). No need to send me one back, unless you would like to . . . and in that case, just drop me an email for my snail mail address.

There’s no catch here — ask for a card and you’ll get one. I’ll do my best to honor each request and get it in the mail to you soon! Should I be crushed with recipients, this may turn into a New Year’s or Valentine’s project. Or St. Patrick’s Day . . . or Independence Day . . .

Kidding. Only kidding. (Maybe.)

Fill out this form by Friday, Dec. 10, and then check your mailbox! Of course, this information will be seen by my eyes only. I won’t be sending you anything other than a holiday card, and I definitely won’t be sharing your address with anyone else. This is just for fun and non-creepy — promise.

Comments on this post are most welcome, but please don’t include your address or any other sensitive information! Submit that to me privately by filling out this form.

Happy (early) holidays, my friends!

3 thoughts on “Get a holiday card from Meg!

  1. Nice idea, Meg. I’m too far away, so I won’t request a card, but it’s very kind of you to offer to send people cards!

    I’ve heard some other people write about postcrossing. It seems that once you start… it’s an addiction.


  2. I love this idea — I just filled out the form. I am a postcard nut and I love sending them and receiving them. My grandmother also kept all of her letters from my grandfather that he sent in WWII and I learned so much about both of them. I am so luck to have them now 🙂


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