And these, my friends, are my terrible downfall

Halloween is a dentist’s worst nightmare — or biggest paycheck. And whenever I begin to wonder why I’ve been cursed with terrible teeth — including one nasty Devil Tooth — and how it is that I am now single-handedly funding my handsome dentist’s Caribbean vacations, I look at things like this wicked holiday.

Things like this.

And this.

And maybe some of these.

And then I grin from ear to ear, because I enjoy (almost) every second of it.

Until disgusting words like “cavity,” “root canal” and “gold crown” spill from the lips of Dr. Bob — and that drill comes a little too close to my mouth. And I’m on a liquid diet for days, hopped up on painkillers and misery.

This is my life.

19 thoughts on “And these, my friends, are my terrible downfall

  1. hehe I’m there with you on that! Halloween candy is too tempting to resist!!!!

    I ❤ the first picture. I think I need to go to the candy store now to find some little candy pumpkins!


  2. Maybe your dentist knows my dentist? Whenever I see her I need work, but when I see someone filling in (sorry!) while she’s away, I don’t need any treatment. She does drive a very nice car….

    Those cupcakes look delicious.


  3. I wish we had such exciting Halloween sweets over here! I remember when an American friend of my aunt’s came to visit us as children and brought bags of candy corn and other goodies…it was AMAZING! I don’t think I’ve had any since but the candy corn has attained mythical levels of deliciousness in my mind! 🙂


  4. Candy is my downfall – I forgot about candy corn this year! How can this happen – it is one of my favorites! Now how do I get my husband to stop somewhere so we can get it today…


  5. I can eat a whole bag of candy corn by myself. And I know how you feel about the dentist bills…between my braces and crowns and root canals and veneers, I could have built a house. No honey, we won’t ever have to worry about being homeless! Just live in my teeth!


  6. This is too funny…I just posted a Halloween Candy Blog Post, too…I never really crave candy except for this week…it is just that all the little teeny miniatures out there are just too tempting.


  7. Oh, man. I’m a complete sucker for those little candy pumpkins, even more than candy corn! I have horrible teeth as well: more cavities than I can count and two gold crowns. I need another crown, but those suckers are expensive. Thankfully, no root canals, though.

    Oh, and my dentist sounds like Dustin Hoffman. Looks a little like him too.


  8. Hmmmm….hubby and I attack the boys’ Halloween bags for the Mars Bars and Reeses’s Peanut Butter Cups as soon as we get home. Luckily, they’re pretty nice and they’ll share. Hey, I bought the costumes, after all!

    Enjoy all of your Halloween treats 🙂


  9. hmm, your dentist and ours must have a timeshare together. ant’s teeth are something out of a horror film. they look innocent and nice from the outside, but apparently are made of nothing more than parchment paper if the frequency of cavities and root canals are any indicator. 🙂

    that said, i have to say your taste in candy is AWFUL! candy corn? seriously? you can’t do better than that? i’ll see your candy corn and raise you a kit kat and a peanut butter m&m or two.

    happy haunting!!


  10. I can’t ever say no to candy corn either and I’m terrified of the dentist’s chair… so I try to avoid it whenever possible. I wouldn’t recommend going that route though 🙂


  11. Mmmmm… looks yummy. The Halloween treats have already started coming into my office breakroom. I’m looking at some chocolate covered pretzels and candy corn right now that somehow managed to make their way to my desk! I just keep the toothbrush handy.


  12. Those pumpkins look so delicious. And hey, it’s almost worth it, isn’t it? 😛 This probably sounds terrible, but the tags “sugar” and “misery” in succession made me laugh 😛


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