Taking a photographic leap: My baby & me

Friends and former classmates are now starting their families, their pink-faced babies smiling up into world, but the newest edition to my world is a bit more mechanical: my new camera.

After years of deciding, daydreaming, negotiating, fantasizing and worrying about making the “right choice,” I finally did it: I broke down and bought a DSLR. And not just any camera, friends, but a Canon Rebel T1i.

Though I received my first digital camera as a college graduation gift and have really been playing with photography in the past three years, I grew up in front of a very special lens: my mother’s. Mom has been taking photos of family, friends, events, places and life for as long as I can remember. My sister and I joke that the sound of her shutter opening and the distinct ba-duh-DUH! of the photo taking was the soundtrack of our childhoods.

I’ve loved playing with my little point-and-shoot, and I think I’ve managed to take some good shots — regardless of my less-than-professional equipment. That goes to show you it’s the photographer — not the camera — that achieves spectacular results. (Oh, and Photoshop. Photoshop helps, too.)

My new baby doesn’t cry, squeal, require naps or attempt to snatch my earrings from my ears — but it can record all of those things, and probably in high definition. I’m looking forward to capturing many moments with the Rebel . . . no changing of diapers necessary.

18 thoughts on “Taking a photographic leap: My baby & me

  1. Great choice! Although my friends with Nikons would say otherwise.

    A few years ago I upgraded to the Canon Rebel XSi and I just love that camera. I soon added a zoom lens to capture wildlife shots and oh now I want the macro lens for flowers and bugs.

    Have fun with your new baby.


  2. I am so in complete envy! I’m hoping that someday (soon?) I might be able to upgrade to a DSLR too. I would love to get serious about photography.

    Can I ask how you learned Photoshop? I’ve been giving that a go lately and, well, it’s not going the way I’d hoped 🙂


    • Hi Barbara! Photoshop is definitely an interesting animal. I learned mostly from puttering around in the program and on-the-job training at the paper, but I really only know the basics.

      I use Photoshop Elements at home, and I’ve found that to be a much easier program to master than Photoshop CS! (And it’s a mere fraction of the cost, so that’s a major boon.)

      I would suggest getting one of the many Photoshop books on the market today — the ones with step-by-step instructions and lots of screen captures seem to help me the most. The manuals that come with Photoshop aren’t very user-friendly or helpful! Look around online for YouTube tutorials, too; many folks have instructions floating around that could be helpful.

      Good luck!


  3. Congratulations on the new camera! I just purchased my first DSLR recently, and I am LOVING it!! It’s true, you don’t necessarily have to have one to get good photos, but it doesn’t hurt!


  4. I love taking pictures (hence why I dedicate one day a week on my blog to them!) but I’ve never progressed beyond my simple camera. In fact, sometimes I am so lazy I take them with my phone. Anyway, you should show us the fruits of your labors. This is probably the best baby to have…one that doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night, throw up on you or (as I am finding now) sass back or roll their eyes!


  5. Congratulations on the new addition! We have a Canon Rebel XS (I think- I’m too lazy to get up and look at the camera to see what we have. I know that it is definitely a Canon Rebel though!). It took me a bit to get the hang of it, but I really do love the picture quality. Looking forward to seeing all of your lovely pictures!


  6. Photoshop SO helps.

    I got a DSLR for Christmas and I LOVE it. My only problem right now is I’ve moved to NYC and my camera bag is bulky and I already carry a full tote everywhere so I don’t take as many photos as I’d like to.


  7. Love it!! I just got a Rebel in July (only the xsi version though). Now I just need to learn how to use it. I need a new lens but I don’t know what to buy. Need to take a class or something!


  8. Nice! I’m sure you will love it. I have a Canon super-zoom (the PowerShot SX10 IS), and I still need to learn how to use all of its functions before seriously considering the move up to a DSLR. Happy shooting!


  9. Hooray! Can’t wait to see your photography get even better.

    I’m so surprised- I didn’t realize you didn’t already have a camera like this. You are seriously skilled with that point and shoot!


  10. Congrats Meg! I’m sure you’ll love your new baby! I haven’t looked back since I got my first DSLR and I couldn’t live without it anymore!


  11. My husband got a DSLR (a Nikon D90) last year, and he LOVES it. (By the way, if you get/have gotten a random friend request on Flickr from 83B or something, that’s me – I’m going to start using my husband’s flickr account because he has a Pro account!)


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