BBAW: First Treasure

The fun has arrived! Today marks the start of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, five days of fun celebrating the hard work, dedication and zaniness of folks who spend their days (and nights, and weekends) discussing, analyzing and promoting the written word.

If you’re new to write meg!, welcome — I’m Meg, an editor, writer and — yes! — book blogger from Maryland. I love long walks on the beach, pumpkin spice lattes and cupcakes. Lots of them. If I can have or do any combination of those things and have a book in my hand, I’m a happy lady.

Our first day of BBAW prompts, “We invite you to share with us about a great new book blog you’ve discovered since BBAW last year! If you are new to BBAW or book blogging, share with us the very first book blog you discovered. Tell us why this blog rocks your socks off and why you keep going back for more.”

Through the course of any given day, many book blogs keep me entertained with great reviews, thought-provoking discussions and, above all, awesome content. Since the start of last year’s BBAW, which I discussed here, I’ve started spending plenty of time with a variety of bloggers — and their wonderful sites! But I can’t mention new ones without bringing up the tried-and-true favorites. So, because I’m me, I’ll make two lists.

Meg’s fresh finds

Chick Lit Is Not Dead Liz and Lisa, novelists themselves, run a great blog dedicated to promoting — what else? — chick lit and women’s fiction authors through interviews, reviews and giveaways. And their giveaways? Fan-freakin’-tastic. And constant. Don’t miss out — I won an audio version of Emily Giffin’s Heart Of The Matter earlier this year.

The Book Chick — Jonita’s blog is filled with fresh, interesting reviews on all the books I love to read, and I rarely leave without adding a hefty amount to my wishlist! She always answers the questions I most want to know about a book, too, and her opinion carries tremendous weight with me.

Hist-Fic Chick — Another “Chick” blog, but hey — it works. I only recently discovered Allie’s blog, but I enjoy her way with words and the lovely look of her site. Just as I judge books by their covers, I judge blogs by their layouts. There’s just something . . . incredibly harmonious about it.

Can’t forget the classics

Austenprose — Laurel Ann is my go-to for all things Austen, and I’m never left unsatisfied after stopping by Austenprose. Her informative, fun posts keep me in the know on all things regarding our dear Miss Jane, and I’m fortunate to call her a friend.

Book, Line, and Sinker — Natalie is one of my closest bloggy buds and her posts on everything from taking better photos of your TBR stack to crafting envelopes from old book pages are as fun as they are inspirational. I love her witty sense of humor and succinct, intelligent book reviews, always trusting what she has to say. And she introduced me to Marcus Flutie so, you know . . . I owe her a huge debt of gratitude. A formal invitation to the marrige of Meg and Marcus is forthcoming.

The Infinite Shelf — In addition to being an incredibly nice person, Kay is another blogger whose opinion I know I can always rely on. We have very similar tastes in young adult and contemporary fiction, and I can’t get enough of her hilarious comics and gorgeous photography! Seriously, she’s a master. I die in envy each time I see one of her travel posts. Die.

Steph Su Reads — Steph is another blogger I trust whole-heartedly and so look forward to her reviews! She manages to say something intelligent and kind about even the most not-so-interesting-sounding reads, and I really appreciate her insights on the books I’ve loved and ones I hope to read someday. Her blog is another I can’t leave without adding a million books to my TBR stack.

23 thoughts on “BBAW: First Treasure

  1. I recently discovered Allie’s blog as well and I enjoy it a lot. The other 2 are new to me so I will check them out. And those classics are yes.. classics 🙂


  2. I’m ashamed to say I’ve heard of but not visited Austenprose. I’m going to rectify that now. Love the name of the Infinite Shelf, if only it was true! Several for me to check out from your list.


  3. Awwww!!!! Thanks for the mention- you just made my day! You know that I buy books based on your recommendations all of the time- in fact, I’m reading “Life After Yes” right now!!!


  4. If I could marry a blog, I’d marry Austenprose. Don’t really know how that would work, but I’d do it!

    I’m definitely looking forward to checking out some of the others you highlighted. Write Meg is one of my favorites, so if you say they’re good, I’ll trust you.


  5. I am finally following you, after I saw your name over and over again today. I’ve heard of you, of course, but I can get a little bit lazy about following. These are the times of exploding Google readers, so why not?


  6. I’m so glad to have found your place, too, Meg! And what a ginormous compliment that you enjoy the look of my site, and that it feels harmonious (that made me feel great, by the way, so thanks for the love!!). I chalk it up to all the blue…hey, they say blue has a calming effect. You should see my apartment: blue, blue, blue! 🙂


  7. Meg, I feel so honored by your list and your nice words! Your blog is a personal of mine and one of the first I discovered when I started blogging, and had I done a list you would be on it, too.

    I love the other blogs too, but I had somehow missed Natalie’s post on making envelops. I just love it!


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