First batch of postcards

My first batch of postcards for Postcrossing, sent out to members in Brazil, Poland, Germany and Finland. Complete with my own photos from the D.C. area! Since I was sending mail to two ladies and two gentlemen, I chose the cherry blossom photos — some of my favorites — for the women. Call me sexist, but I just didn’t think a man living in a camp ground in Germany would want a card emblazoned with pink flowers. One — Ana from Brazil — is a 24-year-old journalist in Sao Paulo. And I’m a 25-year-old editor in Maryland.

Small world, friends. Small world.

I ordered these from Moo and am really, really impressed with the quality. They’re not paying me to say this and, you know, have no clue I even exist, so trust me — they’re not inexpensive (about $25 for 20 cards, with shipping), but they’re worth it. After creating a free account, you can choose any artwork you like for your cards and link to your own photo accounts on sites like Flickr, where I keep all my shots. I could put a different picture on each card, if I wanted — and that’s pretty much what I did. I’m highlighting what it means to be in Maryland and D.C. on my cards, and talking a little about life in the suburbs.

The trickiest thing I’m finding out about sending international mail? Well, I just get ramped up on the postcards when I run out of writing space — and basically have incomplete thoughts. It’s definitely its own art form! Before I started using things like Twitter (140 characters in each tweet) or writing my newspaper columns (415 words each, with photo), I was accustomed to being long-winded. In school, teachers would ask for a one-page paper and yours truly would slap down a 10-page masterpiece. Having room for about two sentences worth of information on these things — and my print is small — is an exercise in being succinct. Even more succinct than usual.

But I’m up to the challenge. So watch out, Poland — nonsensical postcards just might be coming your way.

14 thoughts on “First batch of postcards

  1. Great pictures (especially the lobsters!) and great idea.

    My husband just finished a photography class and I’m after him to get some of his best shots printed…I will definitely point him to Moo.


  2. I never succeed in writing postcards without having so much more to say in the end. I try to swuish it all on there, but it ends up looking ridiculous.


  3. i love the pictures! they’re amazing. i can’t wait to see your next post where you showoff the postcards you’re getting from other people. I’m glad you’re have so much fun with postcrossing. after seeing you and nat talk about it, i might decide to join it too.


  4. Oww, I love postcrossing too. It is so much fun to write to people all over the world. An d to reices all this wonderfull postcroosing cards.
    I wish you a lot of fun writing all those cards.

    Greetings from Trude


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