Postcards from far away

In this day of Facebook, email, Twitter, texting and — yes — even the occasional phone call, there’s something enchanting, reassuring and exciting about getting mail. And I don’t mean bills, of course, or credit card applications, coupons and flyers. I’m talking smudged-by-the-post-office, honest-to-goodness, postmarked-in-the-U.S.-of-A. handwritten correspondence.

The only person with whom I now keep up a penpal-like relationship would be my grandma — and she lives a lengthy 5-minute drive from my office. Despite the fact that we see each other often, we still love to write letters just catching up on our daily lives. To be honest, I think I tell her more in writing than I ever would in person . . . because writing is where I’m most comfortable. Putting my thoughts down in ink is very different than trying to speak them aloud, where I inevitably wind up throwing in an “um . . .” every few breaths. For good measure, you know.

A site I recently discovered after Nat’s mention at Book, Line, and Sinker gives me another way to break out the ol’ writing skills — and put them on postcards. Postcrossing is an international postcard crossing project that allows members to sign up for free, then receive the address and profile of another Postcrossing member. We check out their information, see what sorts of postcards they’re interested in receiving — and then we send away! After your postcard has been received by that member, you’ll receive one from someone else. Somewhere in the world.

I signed up a few days ago and have ordered postcards from Moo featuring my local photography. I’m highlighting Maryland, my home state, in all its many forms — so y’all know I had to get some blue crabs shots in there! I’m really excited to receive my cards and get them in the mail. The folks who will receive my first batch of cards are in Finland, Brazil and Poland — the motherland! When I make a trip to New York to visit Spencer’s family later this month, I plan on sending some more from Niagara Falls and the surrounding area.

It’s just another way to connect, grow and practice my penmanship. How else would I find Ana, a 24-year-old journalist in Brazil — and someone with whom I’d imagine I have plenty to discuss? I love projects that make the world smaller. And I love being a part of that world.


14 thoughts on “Postcards from far away

  1. I’m on postcrossing, though haven’t sent any in a while. Maybe I will get some postcards at lunch and send them on a journey! I LOVE getting mail, it brightens my day!

  2. Loved this post because I never realized “duh” that I could make my own postcards!! What a great way to say hi and I think getting back to pen and paper is really important. I also love that you and your grandma communicate by letter!!

  3. I meant to look into Postcrossing when Nat posted about it, but completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder! I can’t wait to start sending out some postcards 🙂

  4. I heard some great things about Postcrossing. Also, for sending postcards in general, there’s a cool site called

    They let you upload pictures and print/mail postcards to whomever you like!

  5. This is SUCH a cool idea! I was part of a postcard exchange group at Yahoo! Groups for a while, but it’s been gone for some time. I received postcards from all over the world and sent a bunch of them, too. It was a wonderful experience.

  6. Thanks so much for the link! I loved postcards when I was little. I’ve participated in handmade postcard exchanges, but it would be fun doing something like this.

  7. Hi Meg I am so glad you ‘discovered’ postcrossing, I love your Blog and have been reading it for about a year, without sounding ‘stalker’ type I always thought you would enjoy postcrossing, mostly because I know you love to write 🙂 I joined postcrossing about 3 months ago and I am totally addicted lol make sure you check out the forums as they hold monthly round robins – a great way to ensure you get a ton of cards in the mail – I love it! have fun x

  8. One of my best friends is also on postcrossing and it’s something I’ve been thinking about joining for a while – getting a proper letter or postcard is one of the best feelings in the world!

  9. What a great idea!!!! I actually collect postcards because good ol’ fashion writing is always the best, especially in the short spaces that are provided on a card. Who knew that so much could be portrayed in such a small space?!? I think I need to check out the Moo website too! What a great idea!

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