Cover art: Let’s chow down

I’m not going to dance around the issue here, friends: your girl Meg likes to eat. I come from a long line of very fine folks who enjoy a good meal, I’ll add, and no — that’s not a reference to weight! I mean, we just like food. My grandmother Wilma loads us up on the meaty stuff, piling cabbage rolls and stews on me, while my grandmother Margy provides all the sweets: sugar cookies, white chocolate-covered pretzels and her famous peanut butter cups, most especiallly.

We’re no slackers in my house, either. Brownies and ice cream are usually milling about, and Spencer and IĀ love baking. I’m improving my own culinary skills slowly but steadily, and I’m looking forward to the day I can prepare a whole meal — from scratch. (When I have the time. So, you know, maybe never.)

So it makes sense that, when browsing for books, my eye goes straight to anything featuring a delicious treat. In fact, just the knowledge that a book features food — or a chef, baker, etc. — is enough to entice me to pick it up.

Inspired by Kay’s lovely “Artsy Shelf” posts at The Infinite Shelf, I’ve been keeping my little brown eyes peeled for any cover art that looked so good I would, well, want to take a bite. A giant one. And it just turns out the some of the covers I remember best of the hundreds (thousands?) I’ve seen feature something delectable-looking. And most of the time? Well, as you’ll see, we’re talking cupcakes.

Some of these books I’ve read — and some I haven’t. If they’ve worked their way onto my bookcase or wishlist, it’s probably because I thought they sounded like an appropriate blend of delicious food and awesome storytelling. Here’s to hoping I’m right.

Are you attracted to cover art featuring food? Why or why not?


18 thoughts on “Cover art: Let’s chow down

  1. Ii kind of want to read these books! Their covers are so very yummy. My grandma on one side loves sugar… I’m sure she’d appreciate these as well.


  2. Ooh, those are delicious covers. I never realized there were so many with cupcakes front and center. Now I want to go to Sprinkles on the way home.

    And speaking of food books, I hope you’ll join Kim (Sophisticated Dorkiness) and I for the first meeting of BookClubSandwich in August! Info on my sidebar!


  3. Not gonna lie, I have a serious urge to go get myself something sweet. Good thing I’m at the library with no food in sight.

    I especially like the cover of A Field Guide for Heartbreakers! Love me some ice cream.


  4. Aside from the well known fact that Artichoke’s Heart is a good story, it is also well known that the cover just looks so tasty! Did I mention I love chocolates and pink and brown together?


  5. I love the covers, but I’m not sure I’d read the books because of it. I do judge books by their covers but may find some of these a little too “sweet”.


  6. ahh haha i’m DEFINITELY attracted
    to cover art with food…umm, i like
    to eat. šŸ˜€

    and those covers are very yummy-looking.
    i’m surprised you didn’t try licking one.



  7. I love food, but I don’t often read books that food is it’s main focus. However, the other day I nearly bought a book by Anthony Bourdain because I absolutely love the food I see him eating on his show. Yeah. I didn’t buy it though as the line was really long and I was meeting someone.


  8. Oooh these covers are all fabulously tasty! In fact, they’re making me want to rush out to buy them…along with some chocolate…

    …and perhaps a cupcake or three.


  9. I don’t know. I think if a title of a book has ARTICHOKE it should have a veggie on the cover.
    I’m off to go look at that cover Nat recommends…


  10. wow you’re thanksgivings must be so delicious with your grandmothers’ cooking!

    i have an uncontrollable sweet tooth so i’m definitely loving the covers! i have to admit though i never noticed how many covers are featuring food.


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