The ‘It’s My Birthday, But You Get The Book’ Giveaway

So, friends, great news: I’m turning 25 on July 18. It’s sure to be a day filled with laughter, photo-taking, cupcakes — and me sobbing about how I’m now a quarter-century old, and the same age my parents were when I was born.

Existential crisis, party of one?

But here’s a little bright spot for you: I’m feeling all glowy and affectionate right now, awash in the love of family, friends and good ol’ Spence. And since I’ll be getting gifts to commemorate the shiny anniversary of my birth, why shouldn’t you?

So, if you win, I’m going to buy you a book. Any one book you like, up to $25 (’cause I’ll be 25! Get it?), to be sent anywhere in the world that The Book Depository can reach. So I guess it’s international, but do me a favor and double-check to make sure you’re within their shipping perimeters? (Thank you!)

The contest is open now by filling out this form. If you share a link to the contest through Facebook or Twitter, you’ll gain one extra entry for each link provided — just make a note of that on the form. And if you’re on Twitter, please @writemeg me with your links.

I’ll accept them through 12 p.m. EST on July 17, then randomly select a winner (using That lucky lady (or gentleman!) will be emailed on July 18, just in time to throw the confetti with me!

Fill out this form to enter!