New York weekend: The Book Blogger Convention

Well, friends, I’m back — and not a moment too soon! I’d like to apologize for my longest period of blogging MIA-ness in the history of write meg! Ironically, my absence completely coincided with, of all things, a blogging convention.

And not just any blogging convention, but the Book Blogger Convention in New York City. Held May 28 at the Javits Center in Manhattan, I took the train up with my family late Thursday in order to be ready to talk shop with tons of fabulous bloggers, publishers and literary professionals from around the country.

I’ll be going into detail regarding other aspects of my trip soon, but the BBC was a definite highlight. I had an awesome time meeting so many folks I’ve only “known” through our blogs and Twitter and really enjoyed the many, varied panels on subjects like ethics in blogging, building content and marketing our blogs. Even more fun was hearing some of my favorite bloggers — like Rebecca and Christina — talking about how they blog.

Overall, the sentiment I took away from the convention was that what we do here — and what I do here — is important. All of our bookish discussions, conversations and contacts really do matter, and the fact that we are able to passionately and consistently talk about literature is a really valuable asset to the world of books. Are we “professionals”? Not in the traditional sense, no. But by sitting here and talking about novels day in and day out, we’re becoming “experts” in our own fields.

I’m an expert on chick lit, I’d wager. And lattes. And Power Dresses. (Yes, that’s me in mine above — rocked at the BBC. Please ignore the creepy Myspace-esque aspect of it; I had to change quickly before dinner and didn’t have anyone around to shoot a decent one for me!)

Big hugs to the many fabulous ladies (and a gentleman!) I met (some for the second time!), including Kari, Kim, Care, Sheila, Rebecca, Michelle, my girl Nicole, Alison, Amanda, Bill and many, many more! Hope to see everyone again very soon for more book-related craziness.

And if you need me? I’ll be pouring through the massive amount of swag in our parting gift bags. And scheming how to, you know, blog better. Because that’s just the name of the game, isn’t it?

(Later in the week I’ll be posting on other adventures in New York City, including an enormously detailed “What I Ate” commentary, but for now? Enjoy these shots from a very unique, fun day.)

Care, Kim and Sheila at breakfast

Trish of Hey Lady, Whatcha Readin' kicks off the day's festivities

Maureen Johnson, our hilarious keynote speaker

Some of the crowd

Ron Hogan, who spoke about ethics in blogging

Outside our conference room, and some of the swag bags

Inside the Javits Convention Center, which was absolutely enormous

Amy of My Friend Amy and author Beth Kephart speaking during a panel on author/blogger relationships

Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness and Christina of Stacked discuss building content on our blogs

One of the many fine panels

How you could identify yours truly

27 thoughts on “New York weekend: The Book Blogger Convention

    • Sure thing! I didn’t attend BEA, though I would have loved to; I just couldn’t swing enough time off from work. Maybe next year!


  1. welcome back!
    oohh i love your dress! i need to go find myself a power dress… hahah.
    i’m looking forward to hearing more about your trip and looking at all the food porn 🙂


  2. Jealousy abounds! Wish I could have been there *SOB*. That power dress is FIERCE!!!! One day in the not too distant future, I will go to BEA with a power dress and we shall have a book blogger photoshoot.


  3. I love your dress! And I really enjoyed hearing about the BBC. I haven’t heard anyone else mention the swag bags. I have to admit I’m very curious to hear what was inside.


    • Thanks Iris! I think I’m going to do a separate post on the swag bags… just need to track down my camera and shoot some photos of the interior!


  4. Can you see how green my eyes are right now? Yes, that’s jealousy, LOL!!!

    Seriously, I’m glad that you’re back, and I can’t wait to hear more about the BBC!!!!


  5. Pea green with BBC envy. Glad you had a great time Meg. Dieing to hear about the the BBC. Wait! Oh duh. Not the British Broadcasting Corp, but Book Blogging Conventions. *slaps forehead* Knowing you and I are such Anglophiles, that sprang to mind first. Will be watching your blog closely for more recaps of the convention, what you wore and of course ATE! Wish you could have attended BEA and my arm chair book traveling would be complete.


  6. frothing with envy! glad you had a swell time–it must have been such fun to meet all the bloggers. i recognized a few from the pics without looking at names–amy, care, and trish.

    next year i vow to be there!!! i’ll be the one in the t-shirt reading, YOU. YES, YOU.


  7. i’m so excited for you, meg!! how awesome, to attend the BOOK BLOGGER CONVENTION! ahhh!!

    …now, what did you get in your swag bag? 😀


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  10. So lovely to meet you! I’m behind getting caught up on this and just the back-to-normal bookblogging stuff. I’m feeling overwhelmed!


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