If I had to run away with a book character . . .

. . . Well, I’d have a hard time choosing. But I have a feeling I’d narrow it down somewhere in the vicinity of the one man who stole my heart so completely, I’ve struggled to even wrap my mind around the possibility of ever falling in love with another.

I’m talking, of course, about Marcus Flutie.

sloppy_firstsMegan McCafferty’s unconventional lead in her popular Jessica Darling series — comprised of five books ranging from 2001’s Sloppy Firsts to 2009’s Perfect Fifths — swooped in out of nowhere, gave me (or, okay, Jess) one of his enigmatic little smiles, swung his dreads (he’s a redhead!) around a bit and promptly ran away with my heart.

He’s not the type of male character I usually go for, mind you, though who doesn’t secretly have a soft spot for the bad boy? (It’s okay, admit it: we’re all friends here.) In a typical novel, the boys most likely to capture my attention are the brooding loners (see Eli in Along For The Ride) or the super sexy but, importantly, super intelligent dudes (like Michael in Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries books or Matt in Robin Brande’s Fat Cat). Also high on my list of “wants” in a hero? Loyalty, devotion, sensitivity, consideration, ability to unabashedly adore the object of their affection. And, of course, extreme good looks.

So . . . actually? I guess Marcus is my type. Because in addition to being wicked smart (he just doesn’t apply himself), he’s witty, unpredictable, sensitive, take-charge, philosophical, broody (God help me, I love broody) and . . . in love. With Jess. Watching the evolution of his feelings for her warms the little cockles of my heart, let me tell you, and I can certainly attest that there’s nothing so irresistable as a man happily, completely in love. Even if it’s not with you.

Provided I could pry Marcus from the stronghold Jessica Darling almost certainly has him under, I’d woo him with my existential thinking, love of literature and ability to belt out a Barry Manilow tune or two. (Or ten. I’d practice well ahead of time, of course.) And as he gazed deep into my milk-chocolate eyes and became entranced by my wild, unruly curly hair, biting wit and ability to talk at length about chick lit and pumpkin spice lattes, I’d drag him downtown and get us on the first train outta here. And then he’d be mine, mine, MINE! (Sorry, Nat. And Emily. Love y’all. And Spence? I’m sorry, too. xoxo)

But if Marcus were just a little too involved with Jessica to succumb to my fawning, eyelash-fluttering and talk about Buddhism, nirvana and cupcakes, I might — might — throw myself at a few of these other bookish gentlemen. Though I’d keep holding out for Marcus, unable to part with his old texts (does Marcus text?), emails (okay, he definitely emails) or throw out the silly, coupley photos of us where he looks devastatingly handsome and I look punch drunk or hungover. Or both. Probably because I’m trying to smooch him.

Just as long as these guys get all that, we could have a reasonably happy if ultimately unfulfilling life together.

Other guys I might consider running away with,
if Marcus Flutie is unavailable or unwilling

Adam from Sarah Addison Allen’s The Sugar Queen: He’s a postman who looks beyond Josey’s shy demeanor to “see the real her,” is sensitive and sweet and a postman, which is cool. And I’m pretty sure he has a ponytail. Hot.

catching_fireGale from Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and Catching Fire: I know I’ll catch some heat from the pro-Peeta folks out there, but Gale is everything I ask for in a literary dude: steadfast, loyal, intelligent, broody (so broody!) and, you know, sexy. That he obviously has deep feelings for Katniss and will not completely pursue them makes him hotter. He knows she has so much to lose.

Matt from Robin Brande’s Fat Cat: As previously mentioned, dude is smart and attractive — a lethal combination — and is further made gorgeous by the fact that he seems completely unaware of how adorable he is. And when he slipped up and hurt Cat, he eventually worked to restore their friendship. And, you know, prove he’s in love with her.

Michael from Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries series: My Michael Moscovitz love is really a post in and of itself, so I’ll just say: I love him dearly, and almost as much as Marcus, but for entirely different reasons. And stay tuned.

sea_changeLeo from Aimee Friedman’s Sea Change: Dude’s a merman. And he’s into science-y things. And he’s cute. Need I say more?

Jacob from Justina Chen Headley’s North Of Beautiful: Broody? Check. Sensitive? Check. Sweet and kind to his little sister? Yes and yes. Okay, Jake, you’re in. Now make it worth my while.

Spencer from Maureen Johnson’s Suite Scarlett and Scarlett Fever: Yes, yes, I know — the man’s name is Spencer, and that’s Boyfriend’s name. But in my defense, I read both novels before I’d even met my Spencer — so it doesn’t count! And Johnson’s Spencer is hard to dislike. Funny but vulnerable, sweet but protective, he’s the perfect brother. And a guy who looks out for his family is hard for me to resist.

Harry from Eva Rice’s The Lost Art Of Keeping Secrets: He’s creepy, unpredictable, intelligent, loyal and unconventionally handsome — and every one of his scenes sizzled so much, they just about lit my fingers on fire. I’ll follow him around London anytime.

Jack from Karen White’s The House On Tradd Street and The Girl On Legare Street: In addition to being a writer (awesome), Jack is witty and protective of Melanie — even when she doesn’t want him to be. And he knows his way around with a hammer and nails. In Meg’s world, handiness definitely equals hotness.

Gentlemen, my bags are packed.

16 thoughts on “If I had to run away with a book character . . .

  1. Oh my gosh I completely agree with your choice of Harry from ‘The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets’! He’s a major part of my huge love for that book (it’s my comfort read!) and everybody I’ve bought it for has fallen for his charms too! Now if I didn’t have so much revision to do, I’d start re-reading it again!

    Maybe just a chapter or two…


  2. Meg! I love this post! And now, I HAVE to start reading the Jessica Darling series. They’ve been sitting on my book shelf just staring at me since Christmas. I’ve been waiting until the right time and now, I think I’ve found it. And I may have to steal this idea from you! Love, love, love it! And I already have the perfect guy in mind.


  3. Meg this post it’s awesome, we do share an obsession for Marcus Flutie.
    Brooding loners are not usually my type, I heart Michael Moscovitz, I adore Gale (!!!) .
    Among my favorite ADULTS there are Paul (The Last Summer of Me and You, seriously you’ll love him) and Mitch Hertzog in Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot.


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  5. Oh, what a great post!

    I would love to run away with Ethan from “Something Blue”. *sigh* He’s just so sweet, and smart, and geeky!!!!! I fall in love with him a little each time I read that book. The again, maybe I’m just on a Emily Giffin kick since I went out and bought “Heart of the Matter” today. Jay told me to go out and buy the darn thing before I drove him crazy trying to win one, LOL!!!!

    I also loved Jay Tiernan in Jill Mansell’s “Nadia Knows Best”. I could read that book 100 times and not get sick of him 🙂


  6. This was a really entertaining post.

    I think the only book I’ve read was North of Beautiful, but I agree Jacob was awesome!

    The Jessica Darling series has been on TBR pile forever, but after this post I’m going to have to bump it up a little.


  7. So you’re into the broody men, huh? Do you have a yen for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights, or is he too dark for you? I always thought it was the prototypical broody man, though way too bent for me. 😛


  8. could you please stop trying to steal my fictional literary boyfriend? seriously! i introduce him to you and now you’re trying run away with him. forget it, sister. i live about 20 minutes from ‘pineville’ and have actually seen several of the highlights of the ‘pineville tour’ (book 1) in person.


    mrs. natalie flutie


  9. Ohhhh, good post and good choice. I think I’d have to choose Michael. Love him so much. I wish Meg Cabot would write another book about Mia and Michael when they are in their 20’s!


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