Peeps hateration, pranks and other things I won’t stand for

As with many things in my life, my obsession with Peeps is known far and wide. And it probably doesn’t hurt that I recently wrote a column about my love of the sugary candy in the newspaper for which I work. In an unexpected twist of fate, turns out people actually read my articles, which run twice a week in our local papers.

And you guys will love this: my column is called “Right, Meg?” Not to be confused with write meg!, my blog, but . . . right/write, ?/!

Cute, right? …Right?


So Peeps. Yes. I dig them. So much so that some people who shall remain anonymous — probably because I still don’t know who it is — decided to put this little gem of a paper in my work mailbox, pictured at right.

Did I get angry, friends? No. No, I didn’t. Anger would be a wasted emotion, and I’m most definitely not getting mad at a Peeps hater. Because Peeps? They’re awesome. Delicious. Light and airy. Covered in sugar. They turn your tongue weird colors. They’re indicative of spring. And what’s wrong with any of those things?

So I love Peeps so much that I actually went to the only Peeps store in the world last weekend with Spencer, where we took photos of candy-shaped things and I generally wandered around like a lunatic. Located in National Harbor just outside Washington, D.C., Peeps & Company is a shrine of magnificence. When one of the sales clerks asked me if I needed any help, I grinned like a homicidal maniac and practically shouted, “No, I’m just really, really happy to be in this Peeps store!”


Spencer was a good sport about the whole thing. He totally humored me as I wandered to all sorts of Peeps-shaped things and quickly bought a ton of the chocolate-covered varieties. And then I posed with stuff. A lot of stuff. And my boyfriend, dear heart that he is, took photos of this entire adventure.

While at this wondrous shop, I went ahead and bought myself a little souvenir, too: a yellow chick Peeps mousepad. Which I brought to work. And proudly showed everyone. And giggled and petted lovingly, feeling so happy and satisfied to have a Peeps-shaped mousepad.

And then it got stolen.

Yes, friends, the Peeps hateration just continues. It’s not enough to leave me “PEEPS SUCKS” notes, is it? Now my coworkers* have to delight in pranking me and pilfering my beloved Peeps mousepad.

When I got back from my lunch break last week and noticed it was missing, I genuinely had no clue who was at fault here. My cheeks started to burn as I grilled Sandy over who had swiped it — just before I considered sending out a mass email demanding my chick’s return. Was I seriously angry about it? No. It was obviously a joke. But let’s just say I wanted that mousepad back quickly.

After an hour or so, Kelly called me from the front desk. “You have an urgent package up here,” she said cryptically.

So I mosied myself on out there and was handed a thick manila envelope. Inside? My mousepad. With instructions to check Facebook for details on a little adventure he had made.

Yes, it seems my Peep got into a little trouble with the popo. I’m glad he’s safe, but I hope he learned his lesson. I mean, honestly… I thought his father and I raised him better than this. And it’s a good thing he had ID on him, because I was totally not bailing his marshmellowy behind out of jail.


*Gretchen, I’m on to you. Watch your own mousepad’s back — that’s all I’m sayin’. Not a threat, just . . . a helpful suggestion, friend.

14 thoughts on “Peeps hateration, pranks and other things I won’t stand for

  1. OMG there’s a Peeps STORE? I can’t tell if I”m horrified or completely delighted. I’m passing this link on to my husband… 😀


  2. your office mates sound like such fun pranksters!

    oh, and i’ll see your peeps store and RAISE you the peeps FACTORY–right over the border from nj in PA. 🙂 about 35 minutes from where i grew up.

    i only like peeps when they are stale…


  3. OMG Meg. Have Peeps replaced pumpkin latte’s in order of obsessions with you? Hmm? I must be out of touch if so, or are you a pumpkin girl in the Fall and a peep girl in the spring?

    I just love your writing Meg. You are my blog heroine.


  4. I love reading your blog and your mini adventures not related to books.
    Wow… a peeps store and peeps factory? I’ll have to admit I’m not a fan of them, but they are cute to take pictures with.


  5. Aww bless! I’m glad you got your peeps mousemat back!

    I have to admit, I have no idea what peeps are! I’m excited by the possibility of a new type of sugary goodness though…will have to beg one of my American friends to include some in a package when we have our next cross-Atlantic snack exchange!


  6. Haha! What a fun and cute post! But I totally get your excitement (I’m more of a Hello Kitty crazy, although this has calmed down a tiny bit in the last years! hee hee!) I had no idea there was a complete Peeps store! That’s great news. Also, great to hear that Spencer was a good sport about the whole thing! I didn’t get to comment on your previous posts on the subject, but I’m really happy for you, and I had to let you know! *hugs* 😉


  7. Methinks that Spencer is a keeper. 🙂

    I am among the ranks of Peeps haters. I hope we can rise above your ideological differences and continue to be friends.

    And, holy crap … a Peeps STORE?


  8. love! the peep adventure!

    the guy i was dating the last few months works as an engineer for the company that makes peeps. so he had a few peep related items at his house and always had them (but i’m not a fan, but i do like mike & ike’s which they also make) but this made me laugh so hard!
    and it was funny hearing about all the process in candy making.

    also m&m’s are made down the road from where i live too!


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