Fancy in love with celebrity perfumes, and I’m here to blog about it

Here’s another dirty secret about me to add to your arsenal! It’s Wednesday and that seems like a great day for copping to embarrassing things, so I’ll give you this: I love celebrity perfumes.

Seriously. Whether the box is plastered with Britney, Paris, J. Lo or Celine, you better believe I’ll be leaning across a nearby perfume counter to get a whiff. I think my obsession began after I received a bottle of Britney’s “Curious” for Christmas one year, then promptly used that as my “signature scent” for the length of one relationship.

After that one inevitably ran its course, I chose another “signature scent.” And from there? It’s been a slippery slope of me purchasing bottle after bottle of any and all perfumes out there, most especially when some famous chick is promoting them. As we all know, scent is the quickest way to trigger memories — good and bad — and I like to continuously change up my scents as life goes on and on.

Among the many scattered perfume bottles on my dresser now you’ll find Paris’ “Heiress,” a purse-sized bottle of “Curious,” an old vial of Celine’s aptly-called “Celine Dion” and the pièce de résistance: Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love. I’m telling you now, I’m in love with this scent. All fancy like. So much so that I shelled out my hard-earned bucks for the set, friends, with that lovely gold-capped bottle above and the lotion.

And I don’t even wear lotion.

Since then, I’ve been bouncing around like the blonde bombshell I will inevitably be in my next life, admiring the pleasant aroma now embedded in my sweaters and tanks. It’s demure! It’s fun! It’s elegant!

And, just to clarify for Jenny, it most definitely does not smell like sexual napalm. Though I’m thinking that wouldn’t totally be a bad thing, no?

6 thoughts on “Fancy in love with celebrity perfumes, and I’m here to blog about it

  1. I’m totally the opposite – I steer clear of anything with a celebrity label on it. I won’t even test it. But my current perfume is running low, so I’m in the market for a new scent. I may have to try some Fancy Love 🙂


  2. Thanks for the smile your post gave me today!! 😀 I have never bought a perfume by any of these, but you have me wanting to smell the Fancy Love!


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