What’s in my bag?

Over the years, boyfriends have asked me for things.

Like, you know, a tissue. Or a piece of gum. Perhaps a quarter for a vending machine or a parking meter. Inevitably, I’m distracted with something else — or reading (of course). I usually wave a hand dismissively, barely looking up from my cell phone or novel.

“It’s in my purse,” I’ll say, gesturing to my overflowing handbag nearby. “Just go in and get it.”

Inevitably, the boyfriend’s face will morph into a mask of unmitigated horror. “In your bag?” he’ll squawk. “I’m not going in your bag. That’s your girl stuff.”

While I’m not exactly sure what terrible devices of torture men expect to find in women’s handbags, I will say that I’ve had this exact conversation with at least three different boyfriends — and countless male friends, too. It’s like the purse is a vacuum of embarrassing girly products and they just don’t want any part of it.

And though I’m pleased to know that the men in my life aren’t, you know, wantonly pawing through my personal belongings, it is occasionally annoying to have to hoist myself out of a comfy chair in order to grab my purse and find that sliver of paper or pen they need.

But friends, it’s time to draw back the curtain. The lovely Erica recently asked me to reveal the contents of this, my hulking shoulder-breaker of a handbag . . . and since I love you guys, I’m just going to put it all out there.

Gentlemen, get ready.

1. Cupcake coupon holder — a little pouch I purchased on Etsy (where else?) and use to hold my coupons, gift cards and other random things I use to get stuff cheap or, occasionally, free.
2. A book — Like any steadfast reader, y’all know I don’t leave the house without a novel. At the moment, I’m heavy into Balancing Acts.
3. A pen and a Sharpie — because just having a pen isn’t enough. Sometimes I need to write on strange surfaces like, say, the top of a white styrofoam to-go box from a restaurant.
4. iPod Touch — which also functions as my personal calendar and way to keep in touch with the world! I’m lost without it. And, strangely, really don’t use it to hold any music . . . which is probably why I’m never without No. 6.
5. Cell phone — Have to be able to text, you know.
6. iPod Nano — which holds my music collection. And it’s pink, naturally. I listen to music a lot at work and feel pretty crazy when I accidentally forget it!
7. Lip gloss — I’m never without several different types of beauty products, but this Sephora clear lip gloss is my favorite!
8. Blog business cards — these are the little guys I got last year from Moo and have all my information for this here blog! I also give them out to dates because they give boys a way to contact me . . . but don’t actually have my phone number. Helps me screen out the crazies.
9. Advil
10. Anti-bacterial hand cream
11. Gum and mints
— I’m a freak about mints and chewing gum . . . in that I always have some, and am always popping one or the other. Pretty sure that’s not a bad thing!
12. Face powder — So I’m shiny. What?
13. Tissues
14. Wallet — money and ID are two things I wouldn’t leave home without!
15. Makeup pouch — where the rest of my six varieties of lip gloss are kept! I usually have a hair tie and a few bobby pins in there, too.
16. “Business” pouch — my work business cards, jump drives, a Tide To-Go Pen and other random little things are usually in here.

And what else is in my purse? The very pocket camera I used to take that photo! I don’t ever leave home without my Panasonic Lumix and love taking random shots on my lunch break. Like that one.

Hope this gives you a little more insight into the enigma that is Meg — and, if you’re a dude, that you won’t be quite as freaked out the next time I tell you to get your own piece of gum. Nothing will bite or humiliate you, promise.

20 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?

  1. Your purse is very organized! I try to keep mine organized and clean it out every couple of weeks, but right now, it’s a mess. I have gift cards and receipts that have falln out of my wallet, my umbrella isn’t in it’s case. Dang you! Now I know what I’ll be doing on my lunch break!


  2. Great idea for a post! Love the numbered items. Actually, this would be good for my own personal organization of what it is exactly that I keep in my purse. At the moment, if I were to scour to the bottom of it, I bet I would be surprised at what I found.


  3. I love this post! I definitely have some of the same contents as you–I love the Etsy coupon holder….that’s a brilliant idea b/c I’m always misplacing my gift cards or they end up at the bottom of my bag!


  4. I love the coupon holder, and of course the pink iPod Nano!!!!! I’ll be curious about how you felt about “Balancing Acts”- I reviewed that one a couple of weeks ago. I found the writing a little awkward at times, but for the most part I loved it!


  5. What a hysterical post! My husband (whom I have been with for ten years) blanches when I tell him to get whatever he wants out of my purse. What the heack are men so afraid of about purses? It’s funny but annoying sometimes.

    My purse has similar contenets (especially the constant book, gum and lipgloss) but I also have kid necessities. There’s an extra diaper in my purse and a big Ziploc bag filled with baby wipes. They come in handy very often.


  6. Love it. After nine years of togetherness, Bob has conquered his fear of my purse and will go in with permission and clear direction about which pocket his desired item resides within.

    But my father-in-law? He’s been married to my mother-in-law for 42 years and has NEVER (never!) gone into her purse for anything. Even with permission! I don’t know what he thinks is going to bite him if he does it, but I once suggested that he could grab my camera out of my bag, and he just about passed out.


  7. My mother has a huge purse, and whenever she asks me to get something out of it, I refuse. It’s just the fact that there’s so much stuff! It takes forever to find anything. As for me, I don’t carry a purse very often. I just hand stuff to my mom and let her put it in hers. xD


  8. I agree that marriage can change the purse fear for a guy. My husband has no problem going into mine. Usually he finds something I don’t want him to. Receipts get me into so much trouble.

    Great post.


  9. lol, i’m so glad you did this post! i couldn’t wait to see what you had. i don’t know why our “girly” things make boys so squeamish. whatever. 😉

    everything in your purse is pink too! haha. i love it. and that coupon holder is just awesome. i may have to get one of my own.

    i ❤ moo cards! they're giving away free ones on etsy too (the regular business cards). i just got some this week. 😀


  10. It’s so fun to get a personal glimpse into someone else’s world. I have the same iPod in pink. My son gave it to me for Mother’s Day one year, asking what color I wanted. I said, “Anything but pink!” (rather coveting the green) but all he remembered was ‘pink’. Bless his heart, I’ll keep it forever.

    Such a nice blog you have, and thanks for visiting mine today!


  11. They value privacy then! Your purse is interesting! Mine is filled with everything handy and important – medicine of all kinds, women stuff, tissues (dry and wet), sanitizers.. I don’t like going out inadequate!


  12. That shows a Girl with Classic Girly stuff 😉
    Loved the post as well as the shot on Flickr.
    I really cant grow up and be able to have Moo cards for whatever profession i’d be in!


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