It’s a flat, flat world

So I’m a petite (read: short), curvy young woman who has spent her life in heels, boots and other contraptions designed to make me appear longer, leaner and less height-impaired than I actually am. In my 24 years pacing around this planet, I’ve spent a solid decade standing at a whopping 5’2″ tall. Barefoot. (My driver’s license may put me at 5’4″, but that was wishful thinking.)

Of course, you’d typically never know that about me. In the winter, my dogs are stuffed into black boots that give me an extra three inches or so of height, and in the summer? Wedges, friends — it’s all about the wedges. I teeter, I totter, and I generally meander around in shoes designed to make me look less like a pint-sized playground companion and more like a powerful, assertive woman. And as someone who once dated a man who stands at a meager 6’7″, I realized long ago that I can use any and all help in the height department.

So why I now wearing flats everywhere I go?

Out shopping with my best friend Nichole recently, we wound up at our friendly neighborhood DSW. And because I’m a fancy girl who likes fancy things but doesn’t want to pay top-dollar for them, y’all know I had a coupon. At Nichole’s urging, I picked up a pair of black Blowfish flats at a ridiculously good price. I was skeptical, yes, because your girl Meg doesn’t like feeling like a tiny blade of grass in a giant-sized world. But they weren’t expensive, they’re super cute and I thought — why not?

And you know what? They’re amazing. Comfortable, age-appropriate, fashionable . . .

I wear them with jeans. I wear them with skirts. I wear them with dresses in the office, then out on dates on the weekends. Basically? I’m living in these shoes, which are a huge improvement from my usual footwear of scuffed-up flip-flops, worn-out sneakers or too-high heels inappropriate for, say, a jaunt to Target.

I’m officially converted. And if that makes me look less Tall, Lanky Supermodel and more Tiny, Funny Fellow Land Dweller, I guess I’m just fine with that.

Am I the last one to realize it’s amazing not to have your feet constantly hurting? Has the Flats Revolution been happening right under my nose for years as I stumbled by in boots, completely oblivious?

Why didn’t you guys tell me?

Never again, friends. Never . . . again.


17 thoughts on “It’s a flat, flat world

  1. I’ve had flats for years for all the same reasons. But, I’ve found that they aren’t THAT bad. Still more of a high heeled, boot, or flip flop girl, but I have a few pairs of flats that I enjoy.

  2. I’m 5’8″ but even I succumed to the belief that I had to be wearing heels in order to make my legs look sleeker and slimmer. Then I bought a pair of flats a few years ago (a trendy thing) and LOVED IT…I’ve never looked back and I can’t even bear to wear heels at all anymore. We’re on the save wavelength, sistah.

  3. I’m so glad you’ve discovered the loveliness of flats! I absolutely refuse to be uncomfortable every day and there for the only time I wear heels is when I’m on the dance floor! I, too, being 5 and a quarter of an inch tall, understand where you are coming from. My boyfriend stands at 6’6 and we are constantly getting comments – but I kinda like the awkwardness. 🙂 Great post!

  4. Ooh, I’m going to have to get a pair of those!! I am 5’0 and much curvier than I should be, lol. I also wear boots and heels every day, but am thinking I need flats for when I go to NYC in May. Last time I was there I was sure I’d be fine in a low heel since I wear heels all the time. WRONG! I had to buy new shoes there because my feet were killing me! So I need some cute flats too!

  5. This post reminds me that I need to buy a new pair of flats in time for BEA. I’m short too but I love them. Totally agree that they go with everything and you can slip them on and off with ease.

  6. I am glad that you have discovered comfy shoes. I have gotten to the point of always erring on the side of comfort. I probably need a pair of flats like the ones that you have pictured. It looks like they very easily go with just about everything.

  7. I’m the same about 5’4″ on a good day. Ballet flats usually kill my feet because of the lack of an arch, but I’m going to take your suggestion about the Blowfish brand. I’ve slowly been easing out of heels since I started wearing a pair of black Ugg knock-offs this past winter. You do feel shorter, but your mobility is so much better!

  8. I love your post. I am obsessed with flats! I bought a few last year and this past year, I bought even more. They are perfect for work. I’m glad you are loving them! I’m pretty short as well, but short girls deserve comfort, too! 🙂

  9. Great post! My husband jokes that I buy the most uncomfortable shoes, because I am a sucker for cute ones. I love the flats that you picked out – I could see myself in them!

  10. So funny that I’m thinking the opposite. Being a huge tall AMAZON of a girl (at least, that’s what I’ve been told)… I can only dream of wearing heels higher than 2 inches. I’ve given in many times, bough some hot shoes with the nice high heel, but I just feel like a gigantico.

  11. I struggled at first converting to flats as well because I am on the shorter side too but since they are just so darn comfortable and I walk a ton in SF I had to be a convert and screw it, embrace the shortness!

  12. i am a flats addict! saw those blowfish ones in nordstrom rack yesterday and now i HAVE to get them.

  13. Looks like I need to visit DSW soon! those shoes are cute! I’m not much taller than you (5’3″) but have always preferred comfortable shoes. Your feet will thank you for it when you are older, too!

  14. I was very fond of heels. Mom said, I used to try on her pair of heels when I was young. I changed mind and worshiped flats after seeing one of my teacher’s legs!

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