John Mayer’s D.C. stop on the Battle Studies tour

So my love for a certain guitar-playing, loud-mouthed, tattooed and sensitive rocker has been welldocumented by yours truly in the past. I know he often blurts out inappropriate and offensive things and that’s definitely not okay, but I’ve spent so much time with John Mayer — almost ten years now — that, you know, I kind of feel like I know the guy.

Know him through his music, anyway. And during last night’s stop in Washington, D.C. on the Battle Studies tour? The man did not disappoint. Crooning some of my favorite tunes like “Why Georgia,” “Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,” “Assassin,” “Perfectly Lonely” and even old favorites like “Comfortable,” John bounced around the stage, interacted with the audience and generally seemed like an appreciative musician. Which I appreciated.

Having seen John five times before last night, some of my over-the-top spastic behavior has ebbed away — leaving me better able to enjoy the show without screaming my head off, bouncing up and down like a lunatic or screaming in my sister’s face. All of which I have been known to do! No, the Battle Studies tour featured a much more subdued Meg as an audience member — and that’s okay.

Because not dancing my rump off and moving the entire time? Let me snap a few, um, hundred photos. Here are some of my favorites! If you’re interested in the full set (and one shabby video I took during “Belief”), visit my Flickr page.

8 thoughts on “John Mayer’s D.C. stop on the Battle Studies tour

  1. Ahh yes! I was just watching a Battle Studies performance on Palladia the other night. I do love me some John (even before his first album released), and I’m thinking of using an iTunes gift card to download this latest album. I’m behind! I usually have it snagged already.


  2. Lucky girl. Sounds like you had a fun time. He’s coming to San Jose, CA (Where I reside) in May but its looking like I won’t have the funds to be in attendance. But I would love to get the chance. I love his music, but I haven’t seen him ever. Ugh. Shame.


  3. I was at this show, too. It was fab.

    I’m glad you snapped some photos. My friend and I took the Metro, and I was afraid of not being allowed to take my camera in, so I didn’t bring it. But I will bring it for the C’ville show!


  4. Sigh, your pictures are seriously swoon-worthy. So jealous of you that you have these. I know we already discussed the concert in detail, but SO GOOD. Seriously.


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