Crocheting at Miss Remmers’ Review

Pop over and visit Reagan at Miss Remmers’ Review and you’ll see a familiar face — er, body! I’m a guest blogger at the site and chat about crocheting, my love of “Harry Potter” and my Gryffindor-and-Slytherin-inspired Etsy business. I talk about learning the craft (thanks, Mom!) and other good things about my illustrious start in the world of crochet.

I have to cop to being lazy about the whole thing, though, if I’m being honest. (And y’all know I try to be.) I learned one stitch as a child — the afghan or “Tunisian” stitch — and I’ve never branched beyond that. Mom and I have sat down, hooks in hand, as she showed me others, but I became easily frustrated — like, you know, usual — and gave up. Last spring, I did learn to make flowers and was quite excited that I could make this scarf with my newly-acquired skills, but I’m pretty sure that floral knowledge is gone now.

Crocheting is like riding a bicycle — or so I’m told. Once you learn and do it enough, your muscles remember the movements and you could finish a project years after beginning it. But I can’t imagine not crocheting long enough to test that theory!

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