Secret Santa drops by!

To say I was excited when I walked in the door yesterday and saw a giant box sitting on the counter would be a terrible understatement! I was practically dancing from foot to foot, dying to crack it open . . . but I wanted to make the suspense last, too.

It was my box of goodies from my Secret Santa, part of the Book Blogger Holiday Swap in which I participated this year! And, apparently, I’ve been a very good girl this year (I have, by the way). My fantastic Santa sent me two books by Elizabeth Scott — Love You, Hate You, Miss You and Stealing Heaven, both on my wishlist! In addition to the books, I opened a gorgeous red mug filled with candy (mmm, bite-sized Snickers!), a pink “to do” list, pink Post-It notes with really cute patterns (love it) and a container of paperclips and really cute office supplies!

Santa, you know me too well — and you were so very, very generous. Thank you so much — I love everything! Though she remained a mystery at first, my Secret Santa this year was the very sweet Andi of Estella’s Revenge — who, coincidentally, was my Santee! We got each other! Too fun. Merry Christmas!

18 thoughts on “Secret Santa drops by!

  1. you must have been veeery good this year to deserve all those nice gifts! so, I guess, I must have been naughty, since my secret Santa hasn’t sent me …ANYTHING … so far! Let’s hope for tomorrow. There’s still one day left! Merry Christmas! And, BTW, you’ve got a nice blog!


  2. Sorry to leave you in suspense! I’m your secret Santa, Meg!!! Isn’t it hilarious that we got each other? I’m soooooo glad you liked your goodies!


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