The snowpocalypse comes to Southern Maryland

So we’re in the middle of a snowpocalypse here in the Washington, D.C. metro area! The most snow ever reported in December has covered our area in a thick blanket of white. Of course, the kid in me felt a smidge disappointment when our snow day falls on a Saturday, but the adult in me feels grateful none of us had to try and get to work yesterday! Because, you know, almost two feet of snow? That’ll slow down your progress a bit.

Since we definitely weren’t going anywhere yesterday, my family hunkered down to tend to all sorts of Christmas-related activities! And on the top of my list: baking. My sister and I made our annual sugar cookies and they came out quite stunning. And by “stunning,” I mean delicious… because I quickly ate my way through the first batch. But, you know… that’s what they’re there for. Santa won’t mind!

The big part of any snow day, of course, is actually digging out. We’re lucky my dad is such an intrepid believer in tackling the snow as it falls, rather than waiting for all of it to come down before venturing out with a shovel. We went out yesterday and moved as much of it around as we could, but by the time we reached the end of the driveway and turned back — the concrete was covered again. Frustrating! And what’s worse? Muscles I didn’t even know I had in my arms, shoulders and back are screaming at me in the most shrill of voices. I feel like I spent yesterday moving boulders with nothing but my hubris and bare hands.

But I’m trying not to be a sissy! And I still have plenty of sugar cookies to help ease my suffering…

17 thoughts on “The snowpocalypse comes to Southern Maryland

  1. That’s what my Mom hates about snow too- plowing and the gloomy feeling. Your cookies look so cute though I am not really a sweets person.

    And oh! I just realized, you are actually attractive on your photos!

    Merry Christmas!


  2. Looks like you made the best of the situation. Can’t say I was all that upset to not have to shovel during this one. I’ve got covered parking now and maintenance in my building is responsible for the whole walkway and other such areas cleaning.

    Enjoy those cookies!


  3. I am so mad that I missed this! I was in Iowa and NH and when I got back, it was nearly gone. I am still not entirely convinced that it actually happened, despite all the photos. They could be from elsewhere 😉


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