Yours truly on That’s How I Blog!

Well, friends, next Tuesday, Dec. 15 will mark a very special day in the life of Meg — I will be appearing on That’s How I Blog!, the radio brainchild of the lovely Nicole of Linus’s Blanket. Topics of conversation will include reading, awesome and awful books, the world of blogging and the book blog community and, of course, write meg!

If that doesn’t entice you, I’m sure Nicole and I will get on the topic of my rampant John Mayer lust, British obsession and my great and terrible love affair with all things pumpkin. And if I happen to throw in some personal anecdotes about family, friends and ex-love interests, all the better! (And oh, do I have some stories — good stories.)

We’ll also be discussing Sara Zarr’s Sweethearts, an outstanding young adult novel, for the 20-Minute Book Club at the close of the show. Though I read it a few years ago, many parts have stuck with me — if you’ve read it, too, please stick around to discuss!

My show will begin at 9 p.m. EST and I certainly hope you’ll all hop over to listen and/or call in! If you have any burning questions for me, Nicole will field them early — just e-mail her with your thoughts.

I’m super excited and hope I don’t say anything mortifying; as we all know, once it’s on the Internet? It never really goes away. But I fully intend on sounding like the reasonably intelligent person I am, so let’s hope for the best.

See you Tuesday, Dec. 15 at 9 p.m. EST right here!

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