Etsy find Fridays: Books as art

It’s happened again . . . I’m bored with my room. Since the big redesign, cleaning and purging of June ’09, I’ve been reasonably happy with the set-up of my books and furniture, but something new is irking me: I need new art. Like, yesterday. Because all the posters from the plays in which I performed in high school, oh, ten years ago? It’s time to move beyond. I’m ready.

So I’ve spent the better part of my Black Friday looking at art on Etsy, my most favorite of all online retailers. Doing a search for “print” will give you about seven million trillion results, so don’t put yourself through that. I’ve been looking for something that screams “MEG!” (or, you know, gently shouts it?) to hang in place of all the random memorabilia currently scattered on my walls.

Being the consummate book lover you all know and love, this inevitably led me to search for book-related prints — and I certainly have my options! Join in the fun and help me decide. Or just order these right out from under me, basically stealing my art- and book-related joy. You know, whichever.

Where The Wild Things Are upcycled book page by wallenvyart, $16

Emma is fascinated with The Great Gatsby by flapperdoodle, $10

"Shakespeare In Paris" fine art photograph by AliciaBock, $35

"Ideal Bookshelf 2" print by janemount, $25

The Library print of original sketch by NestaHome, $25

Books print by theblackapple, $16

7 thoughts on “Etsy find Fridays: Books as art

  1. Please pick either #1 or #2!

    #1 is really cute. Plus that book was really good. The scene picked is good too. It’s fun and laid back. But if you have the itching desire (as I do) to punch the wild things’ nose (cluster phobia) because it makes you remember of the movie version which is so gross, then pick #2. It’s pretty! Neutral colors.


  2. So my vote is the flapperdoodle one first (I believe that’s #2) and then the bottom one is my second choice (the one about more to life but not much more). And in other news, I heart your blog. It always makes me giggle/smile. It’s just so great. 🙂 – Erin


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