Beverly Hills… that’s where I’m going to be!


I’m en route to gorgeous California! So if you don’t see any updates and wonder why I’m not Tweeting obsessively about all sorts of erudite things, friends, that’s your answer. I’ll miss you all but can’t wait to relax on the West Coast! And when I come back, I’ll have tons of stories and photos to share about my time in San Diego and Los Angeles.

Posts are scheduled for while I’m away, including my review of Laura Kasischke’s In A Perfect World, so do stop by between now and when I return on Nov. 9!

And if everyone could do me a quick favor and send thoughts into the universe that I’ll run into John Mayer in one of L.A.’s restaurants, clubs or, you know, on the street, I’d appreciate it. It’s time to make things happen! And I’m ready!

Awesome L.A. Photoshop work
by my dear friend Brandon!

8 thoughts on “Beverly Hills… that’s where I’m going to be!

  1. Oh, I wish you the best of times! 😀 Have fun and enjoy the sun! I’ll certainly be sending thoughts to the universe, hopefully you’ll walk by him soon 😉


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