Sprinkle Photography Addicts — not so anonymous

sprinkle_cupcakeSo I fake like my sister Katie is the one who absolutely loves sprinkles — obsesses over them, pours them on everything, can’t get enough of them — but I’m beginning to think it’s really me who shares such a serious, rampant sprinkle obsession! I don’t like to eat them, mind you — ick, just give me plain vanilla ice cream, please! — but to photograph them? I’m all over it!

My macro photographer’s eye immediately goes to the colorful candy that basically begs to be captured — and I spend a ridiculous amount of time photographing Katie’s desserts before she can actually eat them. Last night was no exception. My grandparents called me in the afternoon to tell me that Rita’s, a local ice cream shop, now has pumpkin pie Italian ice. Oh yes, I know — good God, I’m talking about pumpkin again! But I promise, that’s just a sidenote to the actual story . . . which is the sprinkles. Again. Katie had them layered over her custard and, before she could really take a bite, I pulled the dessert out of the poor kid’s hand and immediately dug around for my little Canon. And, you know, shot about twenty photos. Outside. In a October cold breeze. While it drizzled and people stared at me.

Hey, no one said sprinkle photography was easy.

Need a visual aid? Behold some recent sprinkle photos I’ve taken. And I’d like to publicly call Jill out for encouraging both Katie and me in our sprinkle-related exploits! The links she sends both delight and frighten me. It’s a sprinkly world out there!

And just a gentle warning? If you happen to be spending (wonderful) time with me any time soon, make sure you don’t order anything with colorful candy on top. Or just, you know, hide my camera or something. Otherwise? You’re my next sprinkle victim.




10 thoughts on “Sprinkle Photography Addicts — not so anonymous

  1. Your sprinkle pictures are beautiful! They look good enough to eat!!! I was going to write anyway today to tell you about the big sign I saw go up on Dairy Queen: PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARDS!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!


  2. I too have an addiction to sprinkles! I am very lucky in that my sister has her own cupcake company so she always has plenty of new sprinkles to choose from!


  3. It’s in the genes starting with Cousin Karen and now cousin DJ knows what cabinet they are in and enjoys them with a big smile. Will show him the beautiful pictures.


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