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After months of excited chatter and planning on behalf of a great many awesome folks, Book Blogger Appreciation Week is underway! The week-long event runs now through Sept. 18 and honors book bloggers who spend countless hours reading and writing about books, sharing their passion for the written word with everyone.

Since I began blogging last year and have gotten further ensconced in the fantastic book blogging community, I’ve discovered countless blogs and met so many wonderful bibliophiles. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on my posts and reviews — I read every one and typically grin like a madwoman! The feedback means the world to me.

Many folks were nominated and short-listed for the awards portion of BBAW, but it would be impossible to recognize all the talent floating around in the blogosphere. Many of my personal favorite blogs didn’t make the list, but they’re no less worthy of recognition! A few of my favorites I sorely missed seeing up for a vote:

austenprose Austenprose

Laurel Ann is one tireless blogger, always finding a new and interesting way to share in the awesomeness that is Jane Austen with her readers. I love visiting her blog, knowing something new and fun is up — or just around the corner! Her reviews of new Austenesque fiction are always informative and prompt me to add yet another title to the wishlist. And on a personal note, she’s an insanely nice person! (Look for my fun interview with her tomorrow!)

medieval_bookworm Medieval Bookworm

One of the many things I love about Meghan’s blog is her diversity of content — in any given post, you’ll find thoughts on romance, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, young adult or something in between. Her reviews are snappy and fun, and I greatly value her opinion on books. When I have Medieval Bookworm open, I have to make sure BookMooch is up in a separate window! I can’t stand the thought of losing any of her recommendations.

infinite_shelf The Infinite Shelf

Kay runs a very eclectic blog featuring a mixture of young adult, contemporary fiction and other titles, and any recommendation from her always makes me pay attention! We share similar taste and I’ve loved getting to know her through her reading habits — and comments! She’s a very talented photographer, too, and her feature “The Artsy Shelf” is really fun to check out. Time spent at The Infinite Shelf is quite worthwhile!

book_ladys_blogThe Book Lady’s Blog

Rebecca’s blog is one of the first “book blogs” I discovered, so it will always have a special place in my bookish heart! As a fellow bookseller, I love her anecdotes about working in retail — and love learning about the latest in literary fiction from her thoughtful posts. The running dialogue and discussions happening at The Book Lady’s Blog are always food for thought, too. Love it!

15 thoughts on “BBAW: Link love

  1. You’ve mentioned a couple that I had not heard of. That is what I love about this week. I discovered most of the blogs in my reader last year during this event, and I’ve already added three more so far.


  2. What a great list! Meghan’s on my list, too 🙂 Infinite Shelf and The Book Lady’s Blog are both in my reader, but I must go to visit Austenprose, she sounds delightful!


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