On keeping optimistic as fall approaches

Something about the fall reminds me of the cyclical nature of everything, I guess, and forces me to stop and think a whole year has already gone by. Now I love autumn — the gorgeous weather and bright, clear blue skies in Maryland; the leaves falling and blanketing everything in color; the awesome food; time with family. But something about it depresses me, too . . . thinking about the cold coming in again, having to be cooped up, putting away my heels in favor of bulky, closed-toe boots.

I’m not happy unless I’m barefoot. Fact.

laptopsSo I’m trying to stay upbeat and remind myself of all the awesome things approaching — and there are many! First up, I just ordered a new laptop from Dell. The dinosaur I’ve been using, est. circa 2003, still has a floppy drive and an exterior wireless card. I know — it’s craziness in motion. Plus it takes about 30 minutes to boot up, prompting me to throw things in an unmitigated rage. And my new one? PINK. PINK PINK PINK. And 4G of memory with a fast processor. YES. Power blogging and noveling, here I come!

And then we’re getting into another great birthday season — two uncles have birthdays in late September/early October before my grandmother and cousin celebrate at the end of October. This means lots of parties, fun and awesome food (yeah, that’s what I’m majorly looking forward to!). Then we have Halloween, one of the greatest holidays ever! It’s on a Saturday this year, so no dressing up in outrageously silly costumes for work . . . but that’s all right. It’ll probably be less damaging to my reputation if I don’t show up in a sexy witch costume — one of the few pieces of attire easily available to ladies (so true, “Sex And the City”!).

With November right around the corner, it’s time to gear up for National Novel Writing Month — always one of my favorite times of the year! The goal is to write a 50,000 word book in 30 days or less, and this will be my third year participating (and winning, let’s hope!). Last year was a big personal success for me, and I’m really excited for this year’s project. A vague outline is all set up and ready to be fleshed out; I’m just holding myself back until it’s time to rock. And come midnight on Nov. 1, you’ll find me at Sophia — the pink laptop’s new name, natch — already getting writer’s cramp.

john_mayerAlso in November? John Mayer’s new album “Battle Studies” hits iTunes and retailers near you on Nov. 17, according to his official Twitter account. To say I’m happy about that would be seriously downplaying the issue — I’m ecstatic! New JM music! “Continuum” came out in September 2006 — three whole years ago. Three years with no new John Mayer music, if you don’t count “Where The Light Is,” his live album and DVD from a year or so ago. That’s insanity! So I’ll be waiting eagerly to get my hands on the latest stuff, with a single released “soon.”

fall_scarfAnd soon it’ll be really chilly — like, perhaps very chilly. Maybe people will need something to keep their necks warm and I’ll be able to point them to my shop over at Etsy! I love crocheting and create all sorts of scarves, but unfortunately they seem to be taking up residence in my living room. I would be psyched to start sending some out, and would feel validated for everything I’ve created.

Ready to join my pity party, already in progress? Great! Because all my ventures seem to be a bust. [Throws confetti and looks sadly as it falls to the ground.]

But no, I’m moving forward — not getting upset about what has already come to pass. And the holidays are coming, of course — Thanksgiving, Christmas. I’m sure we’ll all have to bear the weight of doom-and-gloom media forecasts telling us that the recession is threatening to destroy retailers everywhere, and this will, undoubtedly, be touted as the worst year shopping year ever OMG! But if we can get past that, it’ll be fun to see everything all glitzed out. And hey, this is the first year I won’t have to set foot in a store to work at all — I even worked occasionally at Borders a bit last holiday season! So that’s something to be thankful for, surely.

And everything else will be okay. I absolutely won’t validate silly boys and their silly actions by blogging about them publicly . . . much as I might like to. No. As always, I’m the classy one — and regardless of what happens, I definitely plan on keeping my dignity. So have fun on that boat, swabbie!

Whew. All right. I’m good — no, no, I’m great. And I feel much better after getting this all off my chest — by, er, typing it all off my chest. I need to stop thinking so much and remember how much there is to look forward to in the coming months! I’m going to keep that hopeful grin on my face and move forward.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Come on, don’t be shy — it’s therapeutic, I promise!

16 thoughts on “On keeping optimistic as fall approaches

  1. Yay for a new PINK computer! The shorter days and cooler weather bum me out too – I’m totally a summer girl. I’m looking forward to a few short trips to see family this fall.


  2. 1. I’m in Florida so I LOVE that the weather is finally relenting a bit.
    2. I love your etsy shop.
    3. Yah pink lap top. I’m hoping to buy my self a pink one too.


  3. I don’t need a scarf. What I need are those hand warmer things that are like gloves but let your fingers and thumb stick out. They’re crochet, or knit, or something…and I can’t find them anywhere. -.-


  4. I always get the post-holiday blues, which is why I hate January so much! looks like you have a lot of stuff to look forward to! thanks for sharing and good luck on your novel contest! Yeah, for new laptops!


  5. Fall is always a very busy season for me, but end of summer and onset of colder weather do make me reflective and moody. Looks like you have a lot to look forward to!!


  6. I would join you in your pity party but first I need a few things….

    * a pink laptop
    * a cool scarf

    LOL!!! I love fall, the changing colors of the leaves, the indian summer temperatures in October, apples, cider, pumpkins, cool nights….what I really hate is WINTER!!


  7. I am very excited for your pink computer – and to read your 50,000 word book! It’s very inspiring that you take part in that. I would love to do it someday, maybe I’ll look into it. And who doesn’t love a good scarf? I ask for new ones every year. They are all over our small apartment. I’m going to start hanging them as decorations lol

    As much as I love being on the river and by the pool in the summer, I’m a winter-a-holic. I love cuddling up on the couch with Mikey, looking out in the mornings and seeing snow, HALLOWEEN!, and Sundays are Poker days in the fall and winer. I don’t know what it is about September through January, but it excites me and I love it! It probably doesn’t help my cause that I’m getting married next month! That adds a bit of excitement 😉

    Hopefully all will go well this winter. And I’m hearing it may not be tooooo snowy of a winter (that’s the word from my meteorologist at work).

    I’ll do my best to keep you upbeat throughout the next few months. And when I fail, there’s always Starbucks Pumpkin Spice and then Starbucks Mint Mocha 🙂


  8. So, this post just made me adore you 100x more than I already did. I love fall, but I’ve been feeling that some sense of dread about winter and such. Today it was a little chilly and girls were breaking out the Uggs and I wanted to shout NO IT’S SEPTEMBER GET YOUR FLOP FLOPS ON, GIRL!

    Thank you SO much for informing me about John’s new album..I was wondering why he didn’t tour this summer (the first summer I haven’t seen him in years) and where his new album was…but YAY, now I have somrthing awesome to look forward to.

    PS- Pink laptops rock…that’s what mine is 🙂


  9. Scarves are one of my most favourite parts of fall/winter. Along with mittens 🙂 Your purple-eater scarf is super cute!

    It’s already been brought up – but yay for fall drinks at Starbucks. I had my first Pumpkin Spice of the season last week, and it was pretty darn amazing.

    I hope all goes well with your 50,000 page book and that Sophia does all she can to help you out with it!


  10. I absolutely love fall. School is back in session and there is something new and unpredictable about it that I absolutely love. I too am really looking forward to the new John Mayer CD – love him! And scarf wearing weather. My sister is knitting me a new sweater to keep my warm and cozy as well. This will be my first NaNoWriMo month and I’m so excited to get started! November can’t seem to come soon enough for me. I’m hoping I’ll also be able to get my residents interests in the writing bonanza.


  11. Sophia – lurve the name and that she is Pink! Any success with your crochet giveaway? I’d be happy to take any blue or gray or charcoal colored ones off your hands! I’m determined to learn how to do the smokey eye make up thing this winter for parties so I’m hoping it all goes good together. Hmmmm what I lurve about Fall. Well it’s my favorite season so living out here in California isn’t as bad as the snow you’ll gave in Maryland. Pumpkin muffins here I come!


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