BBAW is almost underway!

Only three days remain in the nomination period for this year’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week! I emerged in the book-blog scene just as BBAW was happening last year and had no concept of the awesome community into which I’d stumbled! I’m hoping this year will be totally different — and I’ll be able to contribute as much as possible! Last year more than 400 blogs participated, and the organizers are hoping that this year’s events will be even bigger.

If you haven’t already stopped by the site to praise your favorite book blogs and nominate them in fun categories like “most eclectic taste,” “best commenter” and “best general review blog,” you have until Aug. 15 to do so here.

Book Blogger Appreciation Week is Sept. 14-18, 2009.

One thought on “BBAW is almost underway!

  1. I signed up, but I’m not entirely sure how much I’ll actually be able to contribute since I’ve had a blog and been reading blogs for less than a month. But still, it’s fun to meet new people and find new blogs to read! I’m sure I’ll enjoy Book Blogger Appreciation Week much more next year when I have a better sense of what’s going on!


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