Waiting on Wednesday: The Sky Always Hears Me

sky_always_hears_me Kay at The Infinite Shelf featured a novel last week that I’ve been thinking about since seeing it — Kirstin Cronn-Mills’ forthcoming The Sky Always Hears Me: And The Hills Don’t Mind, due out Sept. 1. Check out that gorgeous cover, and then read the description from Amazon:

Sixteen-year-old Morgan lives in a hick town in the middle of Nebraska. College is two years away. Her mom was killed in a car accident when she was three, her dad drinks, and her stepmom is a non-entity. Her boyfriend Derek is boring and her coworker Rob has a very cute butt that she can’t stop staring at. Then there’s the kiss she shared with her classmate Tessa…

But when Morgan discovers that the one person in the world she trusted most has kept a devastating secret from her, Morgan must redefine her life and herself.

Sounds like your typical coming-of-age tale, right? Probably not exactly. Kay cites a review by Amanda at The Zen Leaf as the inspiration for wanting to read this one, and after checking out Amanda’s thoughts, I’d have to agree! Plus, I’ve really been enjoying Kirstin Cronn-Mills’ blog — she’s a Harry Potter fan, and actually teaches a college class on J.K. Rowling’s work! How much would I love to go back to school for that?

What’s everyone else waiting on? Check out more responses at Breaking The Spine!

7 thoughts on “Waiting on Wednesday: The Sky Always Hears Me

  1. Oh, I really need to take a look at the author’s blog then!
    I really can’t wait for this book, everything about it makes me want to read it. Long titles are tricky, but this one is perfect!


    • Hi Amanda! Her blog is here, on her official site, and I’m going to add it into my original blog entry, too.

      She had a new post on Harry Potter up yesterday, too! 🙂


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