Happy birthday, Dad!

Continuing with Christmas in July at my house, today is my dad’s day to celebrate! (My big day was yesterday, and my sister’s is July 23.) I don’t think two little girls could have asked for a better caretaker and playmate — and now, a better confidante, friend and father. Happy Birthday, Dad!



One of my favorite snapshots from my childhood is this photo from 1987, right — taken one year before Katie, my younger sister, was born! Mom has always been great about throwing us sensational birthday parties, and this year was no different. Nevermind that it’s always about 95 degress in Maryland in mid-July, with humidity at a cool, sensational 100 percent. I’ve always been a curly girl and a “hot box,” as my mom says, and I think the sweat really speaks for itself. But hey, it was a memorable event!

Dad and I still share so much — including our birthday cakes! But he still deserves some of his own recognition, too, for all that he’s done for our family and friends over the years. I can honestly say that my parents are both my heroes — hard-working, genuine, loving and kind. No one would do more for you than my father, always the last to give up on anyone.



And for all the times he drove my friends and me to concerts, stayed up late making sure I didn’t break curfew, made me chocolate chip cookies because I was having a hard day, took my car to get the oil changed, read over my poorly written school papers and made me cry with his corrections (hey, I needed to develop a thicker skin!), raked all the leaves in the yard without making us, helped me nurse a broken heart and the countless other ways you’ve made all of our lives brighter, Dad, I salute you!

Here’s to you, Dad — happy birthday!

Christmas in July '08. Like our crowns?


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  1. Thanks guys. One day I’ll no longer be know as a sports writer, but father of author Megan and television newscaster Katie. Meanwhile, it’s easy to hide getting old when other numbers are on the cake.


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