Blogging is serious business

Moo_boxWhen I first started my job at the newspaper two years ago, the most exciting thing that could have happened to me — aside from getting my (gasp!) very own desk — were the business cards I got to order. Emblazoned with my official name and new title, I was thrilled to start passing them out to . . . well, whomever, really. Who was actually getting my business card was of no consequence! My parents, grandparents, siblings, random people I met at my part-time job — yes, all totally worthy of business cards.

To date, I don’t think I’ve actually had the opportunity to give my card to, you know, a real client. And after I moved into my boss’s old job last fall, they actually don’t bear my correct title anymore. But you know that doesn’t stop me from carrying them around everywhere in a cute little pink pouch! When I actually do meet someone who will have a serious need for my professional services, I’ll be ready.

And to that end, I broke down and ordered . . . blogger cards. And not just any cards, mind you, but mini-cards from MOO, an affiliate of Flickr who prints stickers, postcards, business cards and more. Rather than just getting plain ones that would, inevitably, be pink, these cards actually have my photos on them. I got 100 of them for $20, and you can choose up to 100 pictures to place on the cards. I’ve got a little bit of London, some flowers, beach scenes and, of course, books — all with my web address and other important information.

moo_cardsThese are pretty much the cutest things you’ve ever seen — and no, MOO is not in any way paying me to say this! I love how tiny they are, and I find them pretty memorable. In a world of standard, white business cards, who wouldn’t like a tiny piece of cardstock with my name and . . . a lovely pink rose from Hyde Park?

Since I’m a professional editor, I have professional business cards. And while I wouldn’t say I’m a “professional” blogger — don’t you have to get paid to do that? — I can certainly say that I’m a serious blogger, and a book reviewer / observer of life who takes what she posts seriously.

So if you run into me on the street and we have a brief but somewhat illuminating conversation, I’ll have one of those babies to slap in your palm — and you can bet your bottom dollar I will!

15 thoughts on “Blogging is serious business

  1. I aspire to be a serious blogger and to one day have my own business cards. When I attempted my brief stint as a Mary Kay consultant, the highlight of my first week was creating my own business cards with my name etc on them…

    Business cards are nifty like that. Kinda of instant empowerment on a tiny piece of card stock paper.


  2. I think your cards are so pretty!!! I’m not a professional blogger but I would love to include my card with book giveaways and stuff like that!!


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