Book review: ‘Size 12 Is Not Fat’ by Meg Cabot

size_12_not_fatI have to admit — the title of this one intrigued me. And as a size 12 — the size of the “average American woman,” as we’re reminded frequently — and one of Meg Cabot’s biggest fans, I wasn’t sure how I could go wrong with this one!

And, well, I didn’t go wrong exactly. I’m just not exactly sure I went completely right.

In Size 12 Is Not Fat, trouble is certainly afoot for former teen pop star (and, yes, size 12) Heather Wells. Newly separated from her philandering boy band boyfriend and starting a job as assistant director of a residence hall at New York College, Heather is determined to get in good with her coworkers as she readies herself to get on the med school track and put her teen sensation days behind her. She’s even sharing a home with Cooper, a handsome and suave private eye — and her ex’s brother. Still, you know, things could happen . . . and Heather is determined to string more than two syllables together in his presence.

But Cooper — and everything else — gets put on the back-burner when girls at the dorm begin to appear at the bottom of elevator shafts. Officials want to write off the deaths as accidental, but Heather knows that foul play is involved. With the help of Coop and her cadre of well-meaning friends, she puts on her girlie sleuth cap and begins to investigate. And what finds definitely surprises her.

Size 12 Is Not Fat is campy, light, over-the-top and entertaining — but not really one of the books you’re going to pick up again and again, or pass along to friends while crying, “You’ve got to read this!” (Or, you know, giving the book a starring role on my blog. Or something.) Did it change my life? No. And that’s okay, because it is just a lot of fun.

Cabot writes with her trademark wit and natural dialogue. Heather is snarky, funny and self-effacing — a strong female character with plenty of gumption. I loved her interactions with friend and cafeteria worker Magda, who adores her residence hall “movie stars” more than anyone else, as well as her relationship (twisty though it may be) with ex Jordan.

I guess I just couldn’t really wrap my head around the mystery . . . and I had a hard time joining Heather on her adventures while trying to snoop out the culprit. Which — I know — sounds silly, considering I knew this was a “mystery” when I got it. Still, I love Cabot and I poured through this one quickly. I was more interested in Heather’s past stardom — and fledgling music career — than any solving crimes, though.

3.5 out of 5!

ISBN: 0060525118 ♥ Purchase from AmazonAuthor’s Website
Personal copy purchased by Meg

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  1. I haven’t read this one, but I’ve read her “Queen of Babbles” series and enjoyed it in a similar way to your enjoyment of this one. It was good but not great, still a quick read and lots of fun. I’d like to read this one too though! 🙂


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