Happy blogoversary to me!

write meg! turns one

Photo by awesome Flickr user Jessica N. Diamond

Photo by awesome Flickr user Jessica N. Diamond

One year ago today, write meg! emerged from the precipice of one seriously intrigued but creatively stunted Meg. After talking with my friend Brandon about the world of blogging, I decided it was time I take the plunge and reemerge on the interwebz. I’d run websites before — fan sites for Hanson and ‘NSYNC, there-I-said-it! — but hadn’t maintained a personal website in forever. I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about or whether I had anything really unique to say . . . but it seemed like something new, challenging and exciting to try, and blogging is a natural evolution of sites I’ve done before!

Though I didn’t start blogging in earnest until September, you can see my scattered thoughts from the summer — including my very first post. After I quit my job at the bookstore in the fall and started looking for new ways to discuss my favorite novels, I quickly tumbled into the world of book blogs — and yowzah! There was no turning back after that. I think the first book blog I really read and became devoted to was Rebecca’s — The Book Lady’s Blog.

Some other firsts for write meg!? How about my first real book review, for Jennifer Weiner’s Little Earthquakes? Or my very first comment — from Adam, who offered me some encouragement as I discussed sending out query letters again? Oh, the thrill of getting your very first comment! Who can forget the moment you realized that someone was actually reading all this?

One year, 1,300 comments and almost 46,000 hits later, I’m proud of the nice little home I’ve built on the web where I can discuss . . . well, anything! I love combining life experiences with my book discussions and reviews, and having a place to share my photography, recipes and personal anecdotes as well. I’m entirely grateful to all the kind folks who regularly visit, offer awesome insights and generally don’t make fun of me for my obsessions with photographing food, John Mayer, everything British and, as of late, Mr. Marcus Flutie — and for the authors, publishers and agents who have shared their novels with me!

THANK YOU! Here’s to another wonderful year!

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(Linked by Meg Cabot in January. WAHOO!)

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Meg’s Favorite Book Reviews

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13 thoughts on “Happy blogoversary to me!

  1. Happy blogoversary! I hope you keep blogging for some time to come!

    My first email address was to do with NSync, so you’re not alone in hiding away your shameful past. 😉


  2. Happy Blogoversary! I checked your peanut butter blossoms post – maybe a good thing to do again for your blogoversary! Personally, I like them so much right out of the oven I never end up with very many. (Well, not very many to share, anyway.)

    Hope you have many more happy blogoveraries!


  3. Happy anniversary! And congrats!
    What a great post! I find it interesting to see which of your posts are your favorites or the most popular.
    You know already that I love your blog; hopefully there will be more anniversaries! 🙂


  4. I missed the celebration ;( Congrats on your year! I love the post, but keep coming back to the Hanson/NSYNC revelation. It’s good to get stuff like that out there, so you don’t have to worry about someone uncovering it later 😉 Just kidding. I’m actually impressed!


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