Booking Through Thursday: Worse?

booking_through_thursEvery time I blink, it’s Thursday! Which I guess is cool, since my London adventure will begin on a Thursday three weeks from today . . . can’t wait! Until then, let’s go Booking Through Thursday, shall we?

Which is worse? Finding a book you love and then hating everything else you try by that author, or reading a completely disappointing book by an author that you love?

Tough question — and I can’t say I’ve had experiences with both . . . but I’d have to say that reading a totally disappointing book by an author I love is worse. Since many folks read books in a loose series — myself included — waiting for the next installment of a great set is always so painful. Having to sit around, pass the time and amuse ourselves with other literary adventures until the next novel comes out only to find that you pretty much hate the new book is such a let-down! If you find a book you love and then hate everything else by that author, at least you haven’t invested too much time in getting attached to him or her . . . or the characters. And at least you have that one fantastic novel to fall back upon!

Something BorrowedOne reverse example? Emily Giffin’s Love The One You’re With, though I had the opposite experience with this one! I read Love The One… first, was pretty unimpressed but continued to hear good things about her novels — Something Borrowed, specifically. Never one to pass up a popular chick lit book, I finally grabbed the pink beauty . . . and loved it! So much better than Love The One… If I’d read Something Borrowed first, like millions of other folks, I would have been totally bummed out over the new book.

And I can’t let my Meg Cabot get by on this one, either . . . though I often fashion myself one of her biggest fans and have read and loved her Princess Diaries series from day one (and OMG OMG she mentioned me on her blog a few months ago!), I really didn’t like the Queen of Babble books. They just felt . . . thin. Maybe a little contrived. And those aren’t words that I ever want to associate with Meg! Still, she remains my favorite author . . . and though I was disappointed by them, it doesn’t change my undying loyalty to her! So while the disappointment stings and is probably worse than not enjoying anything other than one, lonely book by a writer, I’m still okay with pressing on and getting the next next book by an author I love! Until I just can’t take it anymore, I guess. But I haven’t reached that breaking point just yet!

7 thoughts on “Booking Through Thursday: Worse?

  1. I haven’t had a chance to read Emily Griffin yet, but my Sister has suggested her to me recently. I’ll make sure to start with the Pink one!


  2. What Popin said. That happened to the book Poison Study… I loved it so much and was so disappointed that the sequels were rather blah. London adventure? Take me to London with you!!!


  3. What matters to me is whether I’ll venture into another book of a new author (or new “old” author) if I didn’t enjoy the first. It’s about building the credit. I do believe in second chances. 🙂

    I’m extra cautious about reading another if the author is not good in my book. At least I wouldn’t buy it but borrow it.

    Expectation is a huge factor. Once I have liked a book, my expectation mounts. Whether the author is my favorite or not, I’ll be bummed out if the book doesn’t hit the mark.


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