Book review: ‘Audrey, Wait!’ by Robin Benway

audrey_waitWhen 16-year-old student and music fan Audrey broke up with Evan, her wannabe rock star boyfriend, she could never have imagined it would inspire him to write The Song. “Audrey, Wait!” is aloof Evan’s ode to his apparent heartbreak, and Audrey is suddenly a celebrity as the catchy and irrepressable tune rockets up the charts, catapulting the Do-Gooders — and Evan’s “muse” — to instant international fame.

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway is the title character’s “tell-all” — her version of the events that led to the chaos that became her personal life in the wake of one of the most popular songs in recent history. As Audrey’s high school yearbook photo is splashed across gossip rags, her private number and screenname are leaked online and entire message boards are suddenly devoted to her style choices and whether or not she’s dating another famous lead singer, our heroine has to decide how much is enough — and what she’s going to do in order to take her life back.

Along the way, we meet Audrey’s funny and hardcore best friend Victoria, her boyfriend Jonah, Audrey’s well-meaning and often hilarious parents and James, Audrey’s adorable — and adorably in love — coworker at an ice cream shop.

The book is fast-paced fun and, though I cringed a little at some of the over-the-top “teen lingo,” that may just be because I feel more and more removed from it every day! I really loved the novel. I felt for Audrey and couldn’t imagine hearing a song about me blasted at every turn, or watching as paparazzi were on tap to chronicle every move of my first date. While reading, I did have the sense that the book will seem a bit dated in the not-so-distant future . . . there are tons of references to current technology, like MySpace, that already seem passe. But it might be like a fun time capsule!

I really loved that since Audrey is supposed to be such a music maven, we can actually get a sense that she is. She goes to shows, talks about her favorite albums, chats with James about what sort of music he likes and bops along to the radio. I feel like in other books I’ve read, characters seem to be “defined” by a certain trait — but the author never actually shows us why. He/she tells us the person is into music, but you never really see it. Definitely not the case here! Each chapter is introduced by a pertinent music quote, and even I recognized a few of them.

A fun, interesting book with nice resolution. I can see where some might argue the ending was a bit too “tidy,” but I like for all the loose ends to be wrapped up. Lots of memorable scenes and quotes, even if some were a bit cheesy! Teens might enjoy the book more than adults, but I’m 24 — I still had a great time reading! And I have the feeling that if I ever actually heard the song “Audrey, Wait!”, like every character in the book, I’d have a hard time getting it out of my head, too.

4 out of 5!

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6 thoughts on “Book review: ‘Audrey, Wait!’ by Robin Benway

  1. This sounds like it would be a fun read. I recently read The Ruling Class by Francine Pascal. The language took some getting used to, but it was an interesting book to read.


  2. Another great review for this book! 🙂

    I’m doing the read-a-thon this weekend, and it’s one of the books I plan to read; it seems I will have some fun! Plus, I absolutely love the cover! (except that I’ll have the paperback, a little less colorful).


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  4. I read the book and it was fantastic! every chapter’s title is a line form a song, and they are usually very very good songs. Rob Benway has excellent taste in music. Also, she has a very good sense of humor. Every sentence that isn’t supposed to make you cry, is funny. I laughed out loud at least 8 times. It is one of the best books i have ever read. And for kids, it is one book lists, so you can get extra credit. It’s on the “Now that’s what i call comedy!” Or soemthing like that…. List. 🙂


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