Musing Mondays: Commenting back

musing_mondays Here’s this week’s question:

How do you respond to the comments on your blog? Do you try to email individually or comment on posts yourself answering the comments above? What do you think is the best way to respond to comments and do you respond to all of them? Do you feel slighted if you don’t receive a response back from the blog owner? (question courtesy of Jenn)

I don’t respond to all comments on my blog — nor do I think people want me to! I love getting feedback and enjoy reading the thoughts and responses of others, but I don’t think each comment warrants a response from me. I always respond to questions, though — and I generally do that by replying on the post. If something is private or I would rather not broadcast my answer on a post, I just drop them an e-mail. No fuss, no muss!

There’s no “right” or “wrong” way to respond to comments, I don’t think. Thankfully I’ve never had to deal with any nasty or rude comments (thanks, all you nice folks!) but if I did, I would probably email them privately rather than start some kind of firestorm in the comments section. I guess that’s the “right” way to handle it. But if they’re saying something erroneous or unkind and you feel the need to publicly comment back, I think that’s cool, too. I know that happens often on blogs — “anonymous” commenters pop in and think they can say whatever they want and disappear. Um, not so much. The blog owner definitely has a right to speak on the issue, too.

And no, I don’t feel slighted if I don’t get a response back from the blog owner. I know we’re all very busy people! Like many folks, I have a full-time job and blog in my “free time.” No worries!

6 thoughts on “Musing Mondays: Commenting back

  1. I feel the same way. If there’s a specific question, I’ll be sure to respond, but not all comments warrant a response. I don’t think people expect that. Like you, I have a full time job and sometimes, I just don’t have that much time to spend.


  2. I, at times, will take the time to email back, but it’s not as easy on WordPress or “Bloggy Blogs” to do so. There’s no direct way like say, on LiveJournal.

    But agreed. I think there’s an unspoken understanding that if an author doesn’t reply, no harm, no foul.


  3. I don’t feel slighted if I haven’t said anything except for good post or something like that. I don’t expect blog owners to respond to that. This has been a great question this week and helped me come up with a my own blog comment etiquette plan. My post is here


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