A few of my favorite things

My adventures in the photography class I’m taking with my mom continue — and this week’s assignments are really fun! Not that the others weren’t, but you know what I mean.

One of the four projects we have to complete over spring break (it’s funny to say I’m on “spring break” — I’ve been out of college for two years and have a full-time job, but alas, I am on spring break from my photography course!) was the indirect portrait — an image of someone’s belongings that gives an impression of the person. Since I spend the majority of my time at my desk or at home reading/writing/blogging, those were the two places I really wanted to capture. My desk is very “me,” as is my room! When I was firing off shots using a new setting on my camera, I wasn’t sure what I was getting — or if what I was getting would really be an accurate representation of me. But I think I succeeded! And I wanted to share. All of these are posted on my Flickr page, too, but here are some highlights — and that last photo is one of my “self-portraits.” Those pictures have to be completely taken by us!

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