London-bound — for real!

london_bridge2So last night I took a huge, giant and terrifying leap into the great and wonderful unknown: I booked a trip to London. For myself. By myself! But I’m meeting and staying with my friend Stacy while I’m there later this spring.

I am so thrilled and terrified and exhilirated and excited just thinking about it! I’m heading out for a long weekend in May. I’ll land in London on a Friday morning and then leave Monday afternoon, local time . . . and then be back at my desk Tuesday morning! It’s going to be a seriously chaotic ride and, as my dad says, I’ll be “Red Bullin’ it,” but I seriously can’t wait. I finalized all of the details yesterday, got my leave approved at work, talked to my boss and made sure everything was a go before I got my plane tickets. British Airways is having a special if you book now through Friday to fly to Europe by the end of May, so I couldn’t pass that up! My credit card repeatedly declined the charge, thinking my card had been stolen. It took four tries — and several aggravated phone calls — to prove to Visa that yes, little Megan of Maryland is legitimately buying a single, round-trip plane ticket to England. Hold on to your socks, Visa, because it’s a whole new me!

I’ve been talking, learning and dreaming about London since I first made a trip there with my family in 2007. We were only there two days, so we had to pack in as much as possible! And even though I’ll only have three and a half days there this time, I’m sure we’ll make them count. Stacy is studying abroad at a university downtown, so she knows the lay of the land and will show me all the cool stuff, I’m sure! I’m going to be a total tourist and just takes photos of absolutely everything. Hopefully she won’t be too embarrassed to be seen with me! And I’m really looking forward to seeing her — it’s been too long!

So now I get to obsess about my trip for the next two months and try not to plan every small detail. I’ll be flying all night and getting there at 9 a.m. local time that Friday, so I’ll be ready to hit it and go! Although I thought that last time, and by the time we made it to England after flying all night I was . . . well, disoriented. But not now!

Red Bull and London, here I come!

9 thoughts on “London-bound — for real!

  1. ooooh, i’m positively green with envy. i would love to jet over to london for a long weekend…

    instead, i’m contmeplating jetting down to disney to surprise my family next week. they are ALL going to be there…except for me. waah. i can zip out of atlantic city on thursday morning and be home by saturday night..all for $110. hmmm


  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but exactly how much was your trip to London? I assume you’ll be flying out of BWI? (That’s one of my permanently potential departure sites.)


  3. Natalie, you should definitely go for it! $110 for an awesome weekend adventure? I vote yes!

    Thanks, Kathy! 🙂 I’m so excited too!

    Megan, I don’t mind at all — in fact, I’m happy to share the wealth! Round-trip, my tickets cost $500 even, more or less — and I’m flying out of Dulles direct from D.C. to London. Even though I would have rather flown out of BWI, the prices from there were outrageous! Like, one-way to London was $179 out of Dulles and $900 out of BWI. Craziness. Of course, that’s just on British Airways… but since I’m flying by myself, I wanted to make sure I had a direct flight! Otherwise I would really be terrified! 🙂


  4. That’s a pretty darn good deal! Congratulations on finally making this trip!

    It’s crazy how the costs of flights vary so dramatically from one airport to another, even when they’re relatively close to one another. Fortunately, I’m sort of in the center of a few airports, and I have family and friends around for easy transport to the airport, so I can usually choose which one I’d like to fly from: either Newark, Philadelphia, or Baltimore. But there is a difference of at least $40 between each of these locations when even flying to somewhere like Atlanta. I don’t understand that…


  5. How exciting! I’d love to visit London and look forward to hearing and seeing the details when you get back.


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