“Watchmen”? Pass the booze, please

I'm gonna need this!

I'm gonna need this!

pina_coladaAt dinner last night, my boyfriend and I decided that the only way I was possibly going to get through the new, hit flick “Watchmen” was to drink.

Enough to get a little silly. Enough to make almost three hours of violence, sex and a bizarre alternative universe scenario in which the good are bad and the bad are good and we’re all headed for nuclear war unless some blue guy can stop the whole mess begin to . . . make sense.

Mind you, I very, very rarely drink. Ever. I can probably count on two hands the glasses of alcohol I’ve consumed in my entire life. And that’s what makes my immediate interest in booze a little hilarious to me — I was desperate to get through this film. I was trying to be a good girlfriend! It may be hard to believe (or not!) based on my good-natured blog posts on books, music and cute scarves, but I can actually be a pretty hard-headed, difficult person. We usually do what I want — see the movies I like, eat the places I enjoy, etc. — and I can recognize that good relationships are all about compromise. Boyfriend is very sweet and usually willing to go along with my demands, but I knew how much he’d been looking forward to “Watchmen” — and talking about it for months. I had to tough this one out.

watchmen_movie_posterThe problem is that, Internet guru that I am, I looked up the movie’s stats a while ago . . . and promptly decided that the gore was going to be too much for me. Everything I read talked about “intense” scenes and disturbing images, and I’m not all about the blood! In fact, I’d much rather skip the blood all together, thankssomuch. But I was trying to be good! I really was!

And that’s where the piña colada came in.

We get to the theater a little early, hunker down with our snacks and settle in for a long wait. I get a little antsy in theaters, I’ll freely admit it — I can’t stand when people around me are talking during a movie, and I have a tendency to voice my unhappiness about said distractions. Much to the dismay and chagrin of my friends and family. But I was determined not to let anything ruin this for Palmer — he’d been dying to see it for so long, I was going to turn around and punch the guy behind me in the jaw for mumbling plot points to his girlfriend for the first 10 minutes of the showing. Or was I?

watchmen_smiley_faceNo, no — I didn’t. I behaved myself. While people are being thrown through windows, blood is spewing and random characters are appearing out of nowhere, I rocked gently in my rocky theater chair, eyes to my lap to avoid seeing any unpleasantness, and swayed to Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are A-Changin'” (love that song, by the way). At some point, the movie introduced the fact that it was 1985, Nixon had been elected for a third term (okay, we’re in an alternate universe — got it) and the U.S. and Soviet Union were in a heated entanglement regarding nuclear weapons (Cold War issues — check). And then I got a little lost. Or I zoned out. Or the booze took effect and I dozed off with my eyes open. I don’t know.

Needless to say, I got a wee bit lost! The movie was interesting, the special effects awesome and the acting solid, but I just couldn’t keep my brain moving at the speed of the comic characters. And I had to look away every ten minutes or so to keep from watching someone bleed out. Unpleasant. All tied together in a neat bow, it added up to one perplexed Megan.

Of course, driving home from Virginia, Boyfriend totally filled me in on any gaps in the story — and explained a lot more of the back story and other details I was missing, or just didn’t catch. The important question I kept asking was whether he liked it — he was the target audience. I was just a sleepy, semi-tipsy tag-along girlfriend. So it’s not like what I was thinking was of serious importance! Palmer said the movie was true to the book, and that most of the characters (save Dr. Manhattan) were as he would picture them. He was happy with the representation of Rorshach — the creepiest of all the characters, in my opinion — and liked the movie’s tying up of loose ends at the end. I’m glad he had a good time!

And I’m glad I had a little something to . . . take the edge off. As I sat on the edge of my seat. Ha!


7 thoughts on ““Watchmen”? Pass the booze, please

  1. I gave my wife a “Get Out Of Seeing Watchmen Free” card and went with a friend. I dragged her to the original “Hellboy” and never heard the end of it, and nobody wants to go through that again …

    I will probably scandalize your boyfriend by saying that I thought the movie was actually BETTER than the comic book. And now I will sit back and wait for Alan Moore to track me down and kill me, or at least stare at me a lot.


  2. Interesting! I definitely want to see this movie, but not in theater because of the gore/violence. I think my husband wants to see it in theater though. We’ll see what happens!


  3. I will happily agree that the movie was indeed better than the book. This is kind of what I wanted the Dark Knight to be, which was great, but I think there’s an audience for an ‘R’ rated Batman. As Megan said, I thought Rorshach was executed perfectly, and I really can’t say I disliked anything about the film. It was something I’d been looking forward to for a very long time, and I thank and love Meg for sticking through it with me 🙂


  4. I’m one of those geeky, nerdy girls that actually went of my own volition. I suppose I should have looked it up on the internet first. I might have convinced the hubby to wait until it came out on DVD and we could rent it for $1 from redbox. Not that it was a bad movie. There were just parts that I might fast-forward through if I had a choice. Or places where I might pause it and do a little something else before coming back to it.

    If my theater experience was any indication, I think a lot of people had problems with it. http://maidenfine.wordpress.com/2009/03/09/my-thoughts-on-watchmen/


  5. Now that’s a fun story! Going to the movies tipsy, tssk tssk! 😛

    I have to tell you though, that even without the alcool, the movie can be a little hard to follow. I went with my man too, and in our case I was the one who had just read the book, while he hadn’t. He had many questions about it and I spent a while after the movie talking about any details left out.

    I will agree, too, that it was quite true to the book, gore included. I loved how Rorsach was portrayed and I am quite fond of the actor who played the Comedian (although is role wasn’t loveable at all!). I didn’t like how they changed the ending though, but it was still okay and not too far from the intial story. But with all that being said, I will tell you that it was a bit too much gore for me too! Maybe next time I’ll try your trick 😉


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